New Product: WrinkleMD Eye System

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WrinkleMD delivers impressive anti-aging results without the need for injections or expensive trips to the plastic surgeon’s office. The WrinkleMD Eye System is a Hyaluronic filler system that infuses the deepest layers of skin with peptides and collagen boosting ingredients with gentle micro-current. The skin cells are plumped and hydrated minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 95% of women in just 40 minutes. With continued use women saw even more benefits- firmer, younger looking skin with an improvement in even their deepest wrinkles.

Kit Includes:

  • Activator Pod and pouch : The power source for the patches, the heart and brains of the WrinkleMD Eye System.
  • Eye Patch Treatments, 6 pairs: Thin, pliable, comfortable patches that contain Hylauronic Acid and provide a gentle, stimulating micro-current. The current essentially pushes the Hylauronic Acid molecules into the surface to deliver it deeper than traditional creams or serums.
  • Skin Prep Wipes, 6 wipes : Formulated to help clean, prep and maximize each treatment with just a few easy swipes.
  • Eye Serum C, 0.25 oz

After approximately 25 treatments, the Activator Pod will stop working and should be disposed of and replaced.

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