Quick Tip: Taming of the Brows

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Bushy, hairy, untamed brows.

You know what I’m talking about… those few heart wrenching weeks where you’re trying to grow out your brows between waxing appointments or when re-shaping your arch. It so frustrating! I just don’t feel the same with out my perfect, groomed arches.

This is hands down a struggle for me and I’m sure for many other ladies out there.

So, during my desperate attempt to cover my “hairy mess” I took out my super duper Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer and applied under my brow bone. To my surprise it covered every single dark hair and looked flawless! By using a shade lighter than my skin tone and applying a little champagne shadow on top of the concealer my brows were pure perfection!

I hope this quick tip works as well for you as it does for me!

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  1. Jewel Shell says:

    Skin products are important for me, as I am 66 years old. Olay products are working for me at present and I’m happy the SkinStore offers tips and reviews to assist my choices.

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