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Whether on your bathroom vanity or your in your purse for travel; there are products that are multi-beneficial for you to fall in love with! Whenever we experience common skin irritations or allergies, it is always a comforting feeling when we have products on hand to reduce the discomfort. The most common types of skin irritation are skin redness, itchiness, and inflammation.

Say hello to my little friend, Love Balm by Jurlique. This wonderful product helps to moisturize, soothe, soften and protect sensitive, dry, or chapped skin. It contains Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil, Avocado oil, and is even fragranced with organic Tangerine oil. With all of those amazing ingredients, who wouldn’t love it?! Pop one in your purse for skin rescue on the go or stock your house with this lovely balm and get ready to fall in love!

Blueberries: Queens of the Berry World

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April is National Rosacea Awareness Month. To celebrate, here are some facts about rosacea:

– Rosacea affects 14 million Americans
– The true cause of Rosacea is unknown
– There is no cure for Rosacea, only various methods of managing the symptoms
– Treatments for Rosacea include both oral and topical medications, as well as laser and light-based treatments
– Gentle skin care products are recommended for Rosacea-prone skin
– Blueberries are a fabulous anti-redness ingredient

Indeed, blueberries have vaso-constricting and vaso-protective properties. Blueberries have made it into the consumer media and popular advertising campaigns as a healthful fruit to eat: they are filled with antioxidants, purple, round, and delicious. The Vaccinium myrtillus L. fruit, known in English as bilberry or blueberry, has powerful protective properties which have been known and utilized since the Middle Ages. Today, blueberries are even claimed to be “the most powerful antioxidants of all.”

However, there still is limited awareness of the potential benefits of blueberries on the skin. Indeed several compounds, in particular polyphenols (including anthocyanins, resveratrol and iron chelators such as quercetin and myricetin) and vitamins have been isolated from the Vaccinium myrtillus L. plant. The least known benefits of blueberries are their vaso-protective (protection of the cutaneous capillaries) properties.

Blueberries play a role in the management of flushing symptoms: they tighten and protect fine capillaries thanks to anthocyanins and are thus ideal in skin care products targeting redness-prone skin. The vaso-protective effects of blueberries began to be described in the 1960’s when the fruit’s capillary resistance and permeability were first analyzed. Since, studies have confirmed that blueberries increase capillary resistance.

So eat your blueberries, but put them on your face too!

Written by Guest Blogger, Ada Polla – Founder of Alchimie Forever

Detox and Refresh Your Skin with FarmHouse Fresh

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The warmer weather is here so it’s time to shed your dull winter skin and get it in shape for Spring. We think the FarmHouse Fresh Spendid Dirt Mud Mask will do just the trick. It is a nutrient mud mask with organic pumpkin puree that will refresh and revitalize your dull tired skin. It will address red, sensitive and blotchy skin by helping to calm and soothe while removing impurities. It also contains live yogurt cultures which will help to boost your skin’s radiance and deep cleanse your pores.

If you suffer from redness and broken capillaries, this mask will help to lessen the appearance and even out skin tone, by using Ho Wood Essential Oil to calm the skin and reduce redness. Splendid Dirt is nutrient rich in Llite and Bentonite clays to nourish and purify the skin by deep cleansing pores and improving circulation.

As you use the Splendid Dirt Mud Mask you will notice a mild tingling sensation which is oxygenating the skin and increasing circulation, and as the mask dries your skin will be smooth and skin blotchiness will be reduced.  The Splendid Dirt Mud Mask is ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, fragile or acne prone skin types, and can be used 2-3 times per week for best results.

The Splendid Dirt Mud Mask is 99.6% natural, gluten free and like all FarmHouse Fresh products is paraben and sulfate free. It also would make a perfect gift for anyone who wants to detox and refresh their skin.

Rosacea Awareness

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Rosacea is a skin disorder that is estimated to affect over 16 million Americans, although many of them go undiagnosed and untreated. Our mission for the month of April is to bring more awareness to this condition and educate consumers on how to best treat their skin.

Rosacea is commonly characterized by a red blotchy complexion on the nose, cheeks, and chin, easily inflamed irritated skin, small visible blood vessels and acne like bumps or pustules. The severity of this condition varies and it is often triggered by sun exposure, stress, hot weather, alcohol and spicy foods.

Although there is no cure for Rosacea we can effectively manage the symptoms and treat the condition with topical creams to reduce the appearance. We have gathered a list of our favorite products to help address the signs of Rosacea.

Pevonia RS2 Care Cream:  Apply this try-phase homogenized RS2 Care Cream with UV protection daily to reveal a visibly calmed, soothed and completely decongested complexion. Formulated with Green Tea, Licorice and Chamomile, this uniquely textured cream provides your skin vaso-constricting, repairing and hydrating benefits.

Avene Thermal Spring Water: Avene Thermal Spring Water features a unique composition which soothes, softens and restores skin’s natural balance. Clinically proven by over 300 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin and restores skin’s natural balance. It has been used since 1743 in Avene’s Hydrotherapy Center to treat serious dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus: This advanced serum combines Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin A for excellent antioxidant and healing properties. This serum is excellent for treating rosacea, cystic acne, insect bites and some forms of dermatitis.

SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex: Dealing with visibly red skin can be frustrating. SkinMedica understands and is proud to introduce a clinical breakthrough that reduces visible redness by treating the underlying causes, while helping to promote healthy skin.Clinical studies show Redness Relief CalmPlex prevents and reduces acute, UV-induced skin redness and reduces chronic redness in only one week, with continued improvement over time.

What are Shingles?

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The first time I heard that someone had shingles my first questions was “what are they going to do with them?” I was so embarrassed that I thought it was a conversation about roof materials and not a skin rash! I quickly learned that shingles is a painful illness that is common among our maturing population, and it can be highly contagious.

What are shingles? Shingles are known in the medical community as Herpes zoster. It is caused by the Varicella zoster virus which is also the cause of chickenpox in children. In fact, because shingles is contagious to children or people who have never had chickenpox the virus can be contracted by them and can manifest as chickenpox.

How is shingles contracted? After a child has chickenpox, the Varicella zoster virus lay dormant in the root of the nervous system, or the part of the nervous system near the spine. As we age or experience compromises in our immune system, the virus can then reactivated and move out through the nervous system when factors like, stress, cancer, chemotherapy or HIV take hold of one’s health. However, there are also unknown causes for reactivation and the virus appears to become more common in those people 60 years or older.

What are the symptoms? Because shingles works its way through your nervous system, it will go down a nerve(s) and will often manifest in a characteristic pattern consistent with nerve regions. Shingles are generally accompanied by itchy blisters that can become filled with pus in addition to a generalized pain on the skin in the affected region. Pain can range from mild to excruciating.

If you experience any symptoms like the above you should seek the advice of your physician. Your physician can help you determine the best ways to soothe your skin and calm your rash. Common forms of soothing include calamine lotion and cool compresses.

As I was researching shingles, I came across a great video clip on the Dr. Oz website called Chickenpox Returns . It highly informative and has great visual aids to see what this illness looks like.


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Skin Reaction & Irritation

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There are those with sensitive skin, and those with tolerant skin. There are those of us that can use 30% glycolic acid and experience a mild tingling sensation whereas some of us flare up when we come in contact with something as basic as glycerin. There are people who are even allergic to water. We consistently get questions from our customers in regards to allergies and products. We’ll always tell you that you must consult with your doctor, and unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a reaction to any one product. However, we’re always happy to dish out whatever helpful advice we can. So what if you tried something that didn’t work so well, and now you’ve got hives, rashes, or irritation? There are a few steps you can take to lessen the irritation before you get to your doctor’s office.

  1. Take an antihistamine. Prescription or over-the-counter allergy medicine help to sooth internal inflammation.  Aspirin may also help, because it’s an anti-inflammatory. But make sure to get your doctor’s ok before taking anything internally.
  2. Use a cold compress over the area of inflammation. Towels soaked in ice water or a bag of frozen peas work well. This allows for vasoconstriction, which in turns lessens redness.
  3. Though it may be tempting, don’t use foundation or concealer. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that’ll further irritate the skin and exacerbate the reaction.
  4. Apply a hydrocortisone cream to the affected area, as it’ll reduce topical swelling. If you’re sensitive to hydrocortisone try ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream, which promotes barrier repair and is super soothing.
  5. Stay away from heat. Because heat prompts swelling it’s best to stay away from anything that triggers internal heat – like working out, sunbathing, or eating spicy foods.

Remember… if you’re having a severe allergic reaction, get yourself to the doctor!

Do you have any tips for keeping your skin calm or for keeping allergic reactions at bay? Share with us!

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Summer-Time Shaving

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Summer is in full swing and it’s hot, hot, hot. The shorts and mini skirts are making their summer time debut and that means women are looking to get their legs ready for their center stage performance. Shaving can sometimes be a drag, as well as time consuming and sometimes painful. Here are few products to help keep the stubble to a minimum.

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream– Just because this product is defined as a “Men’s” product, does not mean its hands off for women. This sulfate free, silky gel provides an incredible shaving barrier for both men and women. The natural fruit oils condition and skin and the dimethicone eliminate friction irritation.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix– Apply after shaving or waxing to calm razor burn and prevent ingrown hairs. The instant cooling sensation is soothing and relaxes any form of irritation.

Whish Pomegranate Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel– This fast absorbing gel, repairs any nicks or minor cuts and will help to soothe the skin with natural antiseptics including aloe, sage, and lemon extract. The best part is while using the product over time it will help to slow the hair growth and extend the life time of your smooth silky gams.

Combating Red Cheeks and Nose

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Have you struggled most of your life to combat and conceal that redness in your cheeks and nose that just won’t go away? This could be a condition usually referred to as Telangiectasia or Couperose Skin characterized by enlarged capillary veins near the surface of the skin. While many may think this is a flushed look from heat exhaustion or sunburn, in reality neither of those are the cause of this ongoing condition. Therefore most home remedies of cool packs don’t have much long term effect.
SkinStore carries several great products that will help strengthen those capillary vein walls, calm and sooth irritation and minimize the appearance of these veins. The result is healthier looking skin with reduced redness.

We suggest considering any one of the following products to reduce redness:

SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex (This is an exciting new product!) A clinical breakthrough that reduces visible redness by treating the underlying causes, while helping to promote healthy skin.
Pevonia RS2 Concentrate, A specific blend of Green Tea, Licorice, and Olibanum, strengthen capillaries, control blotchiness and effectively decongest.”
BABOR Calming Sensitive Couperose Serum Contains an Anti Irritation Complex and innovative, super-sensitive formulations.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with these and any other great products from SkinStore in the comments below.

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Skyn ICELAND pure cloud cleanser

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The pure cloud cleanser by skyn ICELAND is a rich creamy cleanser that works great for dry or sensitive skin types. It is formulated with glacial water to soothe and hydrate the skin and also contains calming extracts to condition and protect. Our customers love this new cleanser from skyn ICELAND and we think you will too!

The pure cloud cleanser is so gentle you can use it as an eye makeup remover too.
You will feel like you’re on a cloud of freshness when using this cleanser because it will never dry or strip the natural oils in your skin. This frothy formula contains rich shea butter, aloe juice, cocoa seed butter, and cranberry oil. Shea and cocoa butter will provide hydration while promoting cell renewal. This dreamy cleanser also contains Vitamin A and E to keep your skin healthy and protected. The pure cloud cleaner is ideal for dry to very dry skin types and even those with sensitive or reactive skin. It is also a great cleanser to use post procedure if you are experiencing any redness, inflammation, or peeling, because it will gently cleanse and replenish your skin (but consult with your derm first, as always).

Skyn ICELAND uses pure glacial water in all of their products to address stressed and sensitive skin types. Skyn Iceland is also paraben free and is formulated with skyn iceland’s biospheric complex. The biospheric complex contains a blend of water, oxygen, and vital nutrients to replenish and restore your skin. Anyone with dry, stressed, or sensitive skin will love this cleanser!

Also try the skyn ICELAND pure cloud cream moisturizer!

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Redness Relief

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Looking for redness relief? Fret no more my fellow rosy toned gals! SkinMedica has a solution to our redness woes!

Hot out of the lab, SkinMedica just added Redness Relief CalmPlex to their extensive lineup. It has a breakthrough formula that visibly reduces redness by treating the underlying causes, while helping to promote healthy skin.

Key ingredients include CalmPlex™(4-Ethoxybenzaldehyde) the first and only ingredient proven to inhibit the release of a key natural vasodilator, prostaglandin E2 and Vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide) which improves the barrier function of the skin, increasing moisture content by reducing transepidermal water loss. Clinical studies show Redness Relief CalmPlex prevents and reduces acute, UV- induced skin redness and reduces chronic redness in as two weeks, with continued improvement.


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