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Sunny Season Scents

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They are finally here… What, you ask? The amazing LaVanilla products! I first fell in love with the line of fragrance a few years back when I felt I could not find anything new or alluring to what my scent preferences were. I tried them all and to my surprise, there was not one which was unpleasant. So now we have received the line of products here at including the fragrances, which I could not be more ecstatic about! This line strives to avoid harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance and chemical sunscreens. Wow! They have fragrances, body butters, lip products and even SPF products. There are scents of natural vanilla bean in all LaVanilla products and in addition to a splash of other captivating scents such as grapefruit, passion fruit, lavender, etc… The sun is out and I say that it is the perfect time to try something new!

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Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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Sporting green this St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to the usual green clothes, pins, nail polish, makeup etc.  Think beyond the box and “Go Green” this March with some of SkinStore’s natural product lines.

With SkinStore “Natural” means the product meets our natural beauty standards with a high concentration of quality natural botanicals while keeping harsh chemicals to a minimum!

Here are some top suggestions on a few green products from our “Natural” brands:

  1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive – A wonderful and effective yet gentle peel for sensitive skin.  Made with certified organic apple, lemon, grape juices and raw cane sugar.
  2. ARCONA Youth Serum – A powerful anti aging 20% Vitamin C serum that helps to prevent photo aging, fine lines and loss of elasticity as well as stimulate collagen growth!
  3. Pevonia Combination Skin Cleanser – Creamy but lightweight cleanser designed to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin with safflower seed oil, grapefruit peel oil, rosemary and lemon extract!
  4. Thalgo Marine Toner with Organic Orange Blossom – Restore the pH Balance to your skin with the marine based toner using green algae, olive leaf extract and orange flower water.
  5. Caudalie Vine Body Butter – Nourish your entire body with this deeply hydrating body butter that contains grape seed butter, omega 6, vitamin e, and shea butter.

What are your favorite green or natural products? Rate a product online or leave us some feedback on our Facebook page!

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Purlisse: Pure & Smooth

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Purlisse has recently been repackaged and reformulated, we didn’t think they could get any better but we were wrong! Purlisse (which means pure and smooth in French) is not your ordinary brand. Purlisse combines Chinese plant extracts and ancient beauty rituals with French marine plants, minerals, vitamins, and peptides to improve the condition of the skin and provide a beautiful radiance to reveal the skin’s natural beauty.

Purlisse uses 5 key ingredients known as the lotus lupine peptide complex. This amazing complex contains the following ingredients:

Lupine Peptides: boosts vascular growth, as well as protein and lipid production. These peptides also add a healthy appearance and smooth texture to the skin.

Blue Lotus Flower: is a powerful antioxidant that has been used for thousands of years, which protects and detoxifies the skin.

White Tea: is rich in antioxidants and helps to protect the skin from stress and cellular damage.

Soy Proteins: help to soothe the skin, moisturize and help produce collagen and elastin.

Sea Silk: is derived from French marine plants and helps to protect the skin while firming and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Purlisse products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic color, fragrance, or any animal byproducts.

My personal favorite is the Pur Youth Preserve Age Delay Skin Serum, this makes an excellent makeup base, and it will also calm and soothe the skin while providing a healthy glow. It contains Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil, Peony, Wheat Proteins and of course the Lotus Lupine 5 complex.

We encourage you to see for yourself the excellent skin care products that Purlisse has to offer! If you have tried Purlisse tell us what your favorite product is and why you love it, we’d love to know!

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Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair

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A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that has the capacity to renew itself, or to replace dying, worn out cells. When a stem cell divides it has the potential to become a different type of a cell, like a brain cell or a skin cell, or it can remain a stem cell for the course of its life and work in the gut or in the bone marrow. Every life; human, animal, or plant, starts with a stem cell. And just like you and I came from stem cells, so do fruits and flowers and every living thing on this planet. Stem cell research continues to get savvier day by day and scientists are discovering that plant stem cells can play a huge role in the human system too, especially in the skin. Juice Beauty, a pioneer in the freshest and purest nature and science synergy, has launched two plant stem cell based products and they’re definitely sure to please.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer is a reparative hydrator that’s suitable for all skin types. Completely waterless, this moisturizer contains a potent blend of organic fruit stem cells and vitamin C to decrease DNA damage that occurs from daily aggressors. The fruit stem cells are absorbed deeply into the skin to encourage repair and cell regeneration, while a multi-vitamin base stimulates collagen production and skin resilience. Additionally, fatty acids encourage elasticity and impart deep hydration. The result? Fresh, moist, dewy, glowing skin that looks and feels smooth and healthy. After using this product for three weeks both morning and evening I’ve found that I no longer need foundation. My skin is smooth, radiant, and even-toned, and I have no sensitivity, irritation or breakouts post-use.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment is another brand new fruit stem cell based product that’s quickly becoming a customer favorite. This light-weight formula is great for both morning and evening use. It helps to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet while nourishing and protecting the delicate eye tissue. The essential fatty acids hydrate while vitamin C brightens and tightens. I’ve found the formula to be light-weight and extremely smooth… great for layering under concealer. My eye area appears brighter and tighter, and my much-too-sensitive eyes are not one bit irritated or red.

I’ll be the first to tell you that as complicated as stem cell research sounds, it’s definitely an amazing thing, especially when it comes to skin! Our skin is the largest organ and it requires extra special care. When your skin looks good, you feel good… no doubt about it!


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Ahhhh the beautiful world of Caudalie. An original story and a rigorous philosophy truly make the Caudalie line one of a kind. It all began in 1993 with a young couple on the lands of one of the most prestigious wineries in the world- Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. Their passion for skincare, well being and everything grape evolved into a world renowned company known as Caudalie Paris today. The Caudalie brand draws on years of research conducted at the Bordeaux University to bring grape seed polyphenols and resveratrol to the savvy, antioxidant-loving consumer. And to this day, Caudalie and Bordeaux University continue to research and formulate new products to address consumers’ ever-evolving concerns.

So, what’s in a name? Caudalie is a French term used by professional wine tasters. The more Caudalie a wine has- the better it is! And Caudalie truly is the crème of the crop in the skin care industry. Each product is backed by years of testing and research and every product contains potent active ingredients to bring results. Caudalie is a natural line that uses organic ingredients and the purest formulas. The products never contain parabens, pehnoxyethanols, sodium laureth sulfates, mineral oils, or synthetic colorings. Caudalie doesn’t test on animals and never uses animal products.

Caudalie’s Vinotherapie Spa and spa treatments also set the brand apart from the rest. The Vinotherapie spa utilizes natural spring water, essential oils, wine wraps, and of course, Caudalie’s comprehensive line of products is used in facial treatments. There’s even a Caudalie spa at the legendary New York Plaza Hotel!

If you want to experience Caudalie at its best we suggest trying their brand new product; Caudalie Vine Body Butter. It’s the answer to all your dry skin woes. If you want an ultra nourishing, repairing and luxurious treatment then this rich, deeply hydrating body moisturizer, enhanced with nourishing Grape Seed Butter, Omega 6, Vitamin E, minerals and proteins is key. Caudalie Vine Body Butter melts into the skin while grape seed oil induces cell regeneration and fighting off oxidative stress. The result? Dewy, radiant, hydrated and soothed skin that feels and smells amazing.

Effective, natural, glamorous ~ Caudalie has it all!

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ARCONA Review– The Basic Five

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Arcona representatives while completing training on their products. My first question to be answered was, “What does Arcona mean?” Arcona is the name of the lady chemist that developed this line of skin care products based on natural cosmeceutical grade ingredients in 1989.

My second question to be answered was, “with so many “natural” products out there what makes Arcona different?” The answer to that question is that Arcona products contain natural ingredients such as antioxidants, active enzymes, amino acids at a high concentration level that are designed to assist your skin’s renewal process. These cosmeceutical grade ingredients are obtained through cold-processing for maximum ingredient concentration without reducing the effectiveness.

I was also pleased to find out that Arcona products are vegan, with the exception of a couple of products containing honey! Arcona products also do not contain any fillers, parabens, perfumes, dyes or sodium lauryl sulphates.

I had the pleasure of trying The Basic Five Program for Normal Skin. The kit contains the Golden Grain Gommage (Morning Exfoliant.), Magic White Ice (Hydrator), Desert Mist (Protective Serum), Toner Tea Bar (Night time Cleanser), and Gentle Solution (Night time Repair Serum).

My first delight was applying the Golden Grain Gommage. The blend of distilled water, jojoba beads along with Cranberry, Blueberry White Tea and Grapefruit Seed Extracts gently exfoliated my skin leaving it fresh and smooth.

Next I applied the Magic White Ice. Because I have dry skin I was skeptical that this thin moisturizing lotion would be able to quench my skin’s thirst. I remembered during the training how we were informed that the Arcona products don’t have heavy creams. Their philosophy is to balance your skin’s hydration level and you won’t need heavy creams to compensate. I was very pleased with the results! My skin felt hydrated and renewed and I had a satisfaction in knowing that this had been achieved through natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals.

Finally I applied the Desert Mist. My first thought was this serum appeared oily and would sit on my face creating a shiny complexion. Absolutely the opposite! It quickly absorbed into my skin within a minute creating an antioxidant barrier that helped strengthen my collagen level and acted as a humectant to bind moisture to my skin.

In the evening I followed up by using the Toner Tea Bar. I ran a clean washcloth under warm water and rubbed it on the bar and proceeded to cleanse my face in upward outward circles as the directions suggested. The organic smell of the blend of black tea, green tea, honey, and essential oils by itself was already soothing and relaxing. I found the Toner Tea Bar to be deeply cleansing without drying my skin. I tend to have dry skin and this bar was wonderful on my skin even though this is the bar for Normal Skin!
I completed the night time treatment by applying the Gentle Solution as a night time treatment to nourish and repair my skin with its antioxidants.

After having used these products for two weeks now I can honestly say I enjoy them! I am very pleased with how my skin looks and feels and would highly recommend this line of products for the most scrupulous customer searching for a line of natural based products that are customer and environmentally friendly!

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Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set

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Today on SkinStore, Caudalie Paris is introducing its Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set, your golden ticket to absolutely beautiful skin.

The Deluxe Anniversary set features two glow-getting products. The first is Premier Cru, a true Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte masterpiece. Cru contains all three of Caudalie’s signature ingredients; titrated resveratrol, viniferine and polyphenols… the purest extracts from grape skin, grape vine, and grape seed. In combination, these ingredients stop free radicals in their tracks, reducing oxidative stress by 155%. This powerhouse also induces collagen production, increases thickness of the epidermis, resculpting and lifting the skin. Clinical trials prove that the facial contours are much more defined after just 56 days of treatment with Caudalie Cru. The active ingredients in Cru work in synergy to lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by aging and sun damage. So not only is this product going to prevent aging, it’s also going to help reverse every single aging concern; from lines and wrinkles, to hyperpigmentation and lack of firmness and elasticity.

The second product in the Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set is the Collector’s Edition Beauty Elixir, a cult product and celebrity favorite. Taunted as the elixir of youth, this powerful spritzer smoothes, soothes, tightens pores, softens, hydrates, rejuvenates and adds radiance to dull, lackluster skin. It also works as an astringent post-cleanse, and helps to pull active ingredients from your Premier Cru deeper into the epidermis. Keep a bottle in your vanity cabinet to use before moisturizing, and keep another bottle in your purse for a midday pick-me-up. If you wear mineral make-up, just spritz on a bit of Beauty Elixir post application to set the powder and give the skin a dewy glow.

Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set is for all women and men that want to prevent and correct all signs of aging. Caudalie’s products are gentle, yet extremely effective in achieving desired results. The Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set comes in a beautiful box that’s perfect for gift-giving, and at $150 for a $166 value, who could ever resist?!

Tell us what you think! Have you tried these products? Are you going to try the kit? We’d love your feedback!

Arcona: Unique and Effective!

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While Arcona is a new line to, the company has been offering high quality and effective products for quite a few years, since 1989 to be exact. The Arcona philosophy is that everyone’s skin can and should look beautiful at any age. This is regardless of history or damage that we may have done to our skin. This line offers second chances for those of us that have mistreated our skin, an opportunity to undo the damage caused by the sun, lifestyle and stress. Arcona offers renewed hope, at an affordable price with unbelievable results. “It will change your life-you’ll glow” is the Arcona’s coined saying and we can see why.

Let’s start with the basics, the basic 5 that is.  AM routine- Step 1: Exfoliate/Cleanse. Step 2: Hydrate.  Step 3: Protect. PM Step 4: Cleanse/Tone. Step 5: Regenerate.

The products within the basic 5 will vary depending on your skin type and concerns. The combination of the five products will speed up and strengthen the skin’s renewal process. Arcona recommends using their line exclusively for two-six weeks to achieve maximum results. Arcona also has great eye products, masks, exfoliators, and firming treatments you can add in to your basic 5 regimen.

To make it easy Arcona has 6 different kits to customize every skin type and concern.

I am currently using the basic five kit for normal skin. I was a little skeptical about using a bar soap on my baby skin, but let me tell you the Toner Tea Bar is amazing. It removes all the impurities in the skin with no uncomfortable drying effect. Not to mention the smell is amazing, it’s my favorite scent of any of their products. After a deep cleanse I use the Golden Grain Gommage about once a week, alternating with the amazing Gentle Solution as my exfoliator about twice weekly. I then apply the Magic White Ice as my daily hydrator and Desert Mist in the AM. Again I was a little suspicious about using just a serum as a hydrator and not an actual moisturizer, excluding my daily sunscreen. To my surprise I have not needed to use another moisturizer. Arcona believes that conventional moisturizers can clog the pores because they sit on the surface of skin and can not penetrate deep within the skin where the real moisture is needed. Their products are constantly stimulating and renewing your skin. It’s kind of like cross training your skin to constantly keep it from slacking and looking dull and unhealthy.

Arcona uses cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that are cold pressed at very low temperatures. This means that products are made in smaller batches using this process so that they stay active and effective. Arcona does not contain any binders, fillers, perfumes, parabens or any toxic ingredients.

This all natural line delivers real results putting it at the top of my beauty product list. Just be careful… once you try it, there’s no turning back!

5 Natural Products for Dry Skin

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  1. SpaRitual Open Minded Organic Sugar Scrub – This is a great body scrub for dry dull skin types. Great to use before a self tanning product is applied for better application and longer lasting results.

  3. Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Regenerating Concentrate – This product is packed with 100% plant-derived ingredients to brighten and nourish your skin.

  5. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel – You can use this peel as a weekly skin boost. The peel contains alpha hydroxy acids to gently, yet effectively exfoliate and brighten your skin.  This product also comes in a sensitive skin formulation. Allure magazine gives this peel their seal of approval.

  7. Fusion Beauty PureFusion Super Charged Time Reverse Radiance Renewal Serum – This is a great skin treatment for anyone who is dehydrated. It also addresses fine lines and wrinkles boosting protein production in the skin.

  9. Melvita Essentials Firming Mask – This mask works great for dry, aging skin in need of moisture. You can also leave it on overnight for added hydration.

There are many different products out there that are natural, gentle, and effective.


Click here for more natural and organic products.


What’s New In The World Of Organics?

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Melvita SkincareOne product line new to is Melvita. Melvita has been around since the early 1980’s developing organic skin and body care. This line is the number one certified organic brand in France and now is happy to be carrying it. Melvita has made an organic commitment to ensure their products are safe, effective, and made with organic ingredients. That means they do not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances or colors. They also do not contain polyethylene or polypropylene glycol. By the Ecocert France standards organic products need to carry a certain percentage of organic material. 95% has to be natural, 10% needs to be organic, and 95% of the total plant based ingredienents have to be organic. In addition the packaging of organic products that are used are required to be recyclable. The facility where the products are manufactured, are required to use natural ingredients to clean their equipment with.

Melvita exceeds current environmental standards, setting new goals for future organic companies to live up too. Melvita carries a full line of face, hair, body, and even supplement oils. Some of their best selling products include Essentials Frequent Use Shampoo, Naturalift Anti-Wrinkle Cream, and Essentials Hydrastim Moisturizing Gel.

This is definitely a line worth looking into, if you are searching for an organic skin care line that is committed to maintaining high quality products with beneficial results.

For more information about Melvita, click here!

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