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Natural Products at

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Natural and organic products have gained increased popularity during the last 5+ years that I have been here at I’ve seen an evolution in customers that have gone from mildly curious to highly passionate about what product they will choose to put on their skin.

For us its wonderful when we have customers calling in asking questions about products because the diversity in the questions we get asked can range from focusing on organic certification and verifying products have not been tested on animals to simply wanting a minimal list of ingredients in skincare products. What we love is that we have products to fit everyone’s skincare needs and desires.

Let’s talk Natural. At SkinStore we have a Natural skincare department that offers a broad range of natural products that contain high concentrations of “natural extracts and botanicals while avoiding common controversial chemicals, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrance whenever possible.”  There are hundreds of products to choose from and many brands that offer not only natural or botanical ingredients but also provide eco-friendly and cruelty free products. In addition, some brands have even taken the next step in supporting our environment by focusing on minimizing their footprint and supporting environmental organizations that are focused on protecting our beautiful planet.

If you are into “natural”, come on by our natural department and take a look around. We’d love to see you there!

Brighten Up With Arcona

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The warm weather is approaching so it’s time to get our skin back in shape. The Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel will work wonders for dull and tired skin, and you only need to use it once a week to get glowing and healthy skin.

This brightening peel uses orange zest, glycolic and lactic acid to gently but effectively exfoliate the skin, revealing a much healthier complexion. It will help to improve the clarity, texture, and brighten your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by environmental damage. The Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel also contains lycopene and mandarin extract which are powerful antioxidants that help keep our skin protected.  This easy-to-use at home peel will deliver professional results at a fraction of the cost. Many of us we are looking for a topical and safe product to use that will help address hyperpigmentation. The Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel contains Nonapeptide-1 and Sepiwhite which will help to even out skin tone, while reducing the formation of unwanted pigmentation. Both ingredients provide a more natural approach to skin lightening that has been proven to be highly effective.

The Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel can be used once a week in the AM or PM. We highly suggest using an SPF in conjunction with this peel or any other skin brightening products. We recommend the Arcona Reozone SPF 30. The Arcona Reozone sunscreen contains hyaluronic acid and green tea to hydrate and protect your skin as well as Vitamins A and C to help fight sun damage.

Juara Skincare

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We’re always excited to offer natural product lines at Amongst our favorites is Juara Skincare. Founded by four unique, modern women, Juara brings different cultures and worlds together offering a new spin on skincare. Juara has been shaped by Eastern and Western influences.

From body and hand lotions and creams, body scrubs, cleansers, masks, soaps, gels and oils, Juara Skincare has so much to offer. We’re fans of the intoxicating candlenut scent many of their products contain.

Being a natural product line, Juara is 100% vegetarian and no animal testing is ever conducted. Juara products are paraben-free and contain no artificial colorants, sulfates, or pthalates. Common ingredients in Juara products include: avocado, banana, candlenut, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, milk, rice, sandalwood, tamarind, and sweet black tea. All of these ingredients have unique purposes and benefits for the skin.

Regardless of your skin type or skin concern, Juara products are available to help! Whether you have sun damaged or aging skin, breakouts, sensitive skin, rough skin or are just looking to take preventative measures for your skin, there is a suitable Juara product for you.

Search Juara products on and stay tuned for a special Juara giveaway, coming soon!

Olive Oil

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We have all heard of the countless benefits of olive oil. It’s healthy and high in beneficial fats, and is delicious when used in salads and pastas. Greek, Spanish, and Italian kitchens made Extra Virgin Olive Oil fabulously popular, and we sure are glad because it’s really delicious, nutritious, and beneficial.Olive oil is also great when used in skin care! It’s rich in polyphenols, squalene, and vitamins A and E.

Olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin and works to regulate both dry and oily areas, so it’s suitable for all skin types. Because of its gentle nature it’s great for skin conditions associated with irritation and dryness, like eczema and psoriasis.

Olive oil can be applied directly onto the skin (we recommend extra virgin, the greener the oil is in color, the higher antioxidant content and quality), it can also be mixed into a cleanser, scrub, or moisturizer. Olive oil scrubs are great to use in the winter time, or anytime your skin feels especially parched. Simply mix equal parts sugar and olive oil and apply all over the body in circular motions, then rinse and towel dry and follow with a body moisturizer or once again, a bit of olive oil. An affordable facial scrub can be made by mixing equal parts olive oil and baking soda; it’s gentle yet very effective at removing dead skin cells.

Olive oil is also great for preventing stretchmarks, and is safe to use during pregnancy, and is also great for soothing baby ailments like diaper rash and cradle cap (but consult your doc to get the OK first)!

Check out our Key Ingredient feature to see which popular skincare products contain olive oil!

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Top Five Natural Anti Aging Creams

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Do you want an anti aging product that is natural? Many of our customer would shout out a loud “Yes, Please!”  As an Esthetician here at, I help people select the right products for their skin everyday. Many of the customers I help want to fight off the signs of aging (Who doesn’t?) and many of those same customers are also concerned about the products they use.  They would like the products to be made with natural ingredients. They are also concerned about reducing their own carbon footprint. So with that being said, I have compiled a list of the top five natural anti aging skin care creams we carry here at

Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer

This rich and creamy moisturizer will hydrate, leaving skin feeling soft and supple, all while reducing redness. Some customers reported a positive change in their skin’s appearance in just two weeks!

Pevonia Rejuvenation Dry Skin Cream

Infused with Hyaluronic acid, this moisturizer glides on smooth and absorbs quickly. It has a light scent which was described by one of our reviewers as “Like breathing in a French herb garden on a dewy morning”. I think that sounds just fabulous!

Nuxe Aroma Vaillance Moisturizing Deep Wrinkle Emulsion

This luxurious cream feels heavy in texture but melts in without leaving your skin feeling sticky. This cream is very versatile and can be used as a day or night cream.

Sundari Neem Night Cream

Many of our customers have reported waking up with a smoother, brighter complexion after using this Night cream. One reviewer even boasted that even her husband noticed her face feeling softer!

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Who doesn’t want to fight wrinkles AND free radicals? This antioxidant armed product gives wrinkles and fines lines a one, two punch! It has a velvety rich texture that is suitable for all skin types.

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Spritz Up With Thermal Water

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Whether you need a quick pick me up for you skin or a product to soothe irritation, thermal waters are formulated for all skin types and have many benefits. These unique toners not only help even out the pH level of the skin, but are anti-inflammatory, have antioxidant properties, provide hydration, help reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function, and not to mention they are excellent for sensitive or post procedure skin. You can very easily incorporate one into your skincare regimen after cleansing morning and night, or they can be used when needed throughout the day. I can honestly say this has become a MUST HAVE item for me and I always have one sitting on my desk. I’d like to highlight a few or my favorites:

Avene Thermal Spring Water

  • Clinically proven by over 300 studies to calm, soothe, and soften the skin
  • A 40 year journey through the Cevennes Mountain allows the water in Avene to acquire perfectly balanced mineral composition
  • Low mineral salt content will not dry out the skin
  • PH of 7.5
  • It is the only thermal spring water that is connected directly from the source to the hydrotherapy center and manufacturing plant
  • Preservative free
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

  • Naturally contains a high concentration of the element Selenium to provide powerful anti-oxidant protection
  • Highly recommended from intolerant skin, Eczema, and Rosacea
  • Contains no additives
  • 100% pure natural spring water

Vichy Thermal Spa Water

  • 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare mineral salts and trace elements
  • Was recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing and fortifying benefits
  • Is present in all Vichy products
  • So unique it can not be reproduced by Science
  • Allergy tested
  • Preservative, fragrance and paraben free

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Organic Skincare

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With all the fuss about different chemicals and their detriments, it’s no surprise that people want a natural alternative. You don’t have to look very far, because at SkinStore we offer a huge selection of organic skincare and products that meet high natural standards.

Say hello to Juice Beauty! The product line is authentically organic skincare at it best and is packed with antioxidants that total in organic content up to 95%. They are free of parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, Phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrances*. Under their own brand commandments they also meet the California Organic Products Act requiring 70% minimum organic content (excluding water). The line is backed by extensive clinical research to offer the best for your skin. They have a great selection of organic skincare products to choose from, so at SkinStore you can create a full regimen specific to your concerns.

Another great organic skincare line available at SkinStore is the Baborganic by BABOR. The products contain natural extracts of certified organic ingredients produced in compliance with strict organic standards. They contain plant-based emulsifiers, Ecocert-compliant raw materials.

These are both stellar brands who strive to go beyond expectations to bring you the very best options in organic skincare.

*See for their core truths.

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Stem Cell Anti-Aging

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Searching for an organic skin care solution? Juice Beauty is the answer! Their mission is to bring authentically organic, high efficacy and pleasurable beauty solutions to people worldwide. Juice Beauty uses clinically validated ingredients to deliver impressive results. Key ingredients include: alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, DMAE, fat soluble Vitamin C and essential fatty acids.

Juice Beauty is committed to only selling the healthiest products possible. Their team of scientists continually search for the purest, most effective ingredients including organic juices, plant oils, aloe vera, honey, raw cane sugar and botanicals. Rest assured all of the amazing products from Juice Beauty don’t contain parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Juice Beauty just added their newest product Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer to their lineup at SkinStore. This innovative moisturizer is a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells that deeply penetrate the skin to repair DNA damage and encourage new cell growth reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Antioxidant rich fruit juices, plant oils, and fat soluble vitamin C improve elasticity and keep skin hydrated. The Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer is a potent organic solution for your anti aging concerns.

Love stem cell technology? Want to try Juice Beauty products out for yourself? Hint hint: a Juice Beauty Giveaway is coming to the SkinStore Facebook page soon!

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ARCONA Basic Five

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Known for their high quality, luxury natural products ARCONA has long been a pioneer in holistic skin care.
The brand was established in 1989 in Los Angeles by their founder Arcona, a chemist and skin care aficionado.

ARCONA’s belief is that lasting beauty comes from within and whatever you put on your skin goes into your body. Thus, only the finest quality, all natural ingredients are utilized in their products. Quality ingredients penetrate into the deepest layers of skin for a change you can see; glowing skin from the inside out.

The key difference in ARCONA is their ingredient quality and the way products are processed. ARCONA only uses the highest cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids to deliver the best results. Active ingredients are cold-pressed in small batches in order to maintain potency and effectiveness. ARCONA products are free of petrochemicals, binders, fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, and perfumes. They are also vegan and cruelty-free.

The core of Arcona revolves around their Basic Five skin care philosophy. The Basic Five is the recommended foundation program for all of the ARCONA products. The Basic Five kit is designed specifically for each skin type to restore skin to its natural balance. Every product in the Basic Five program works synergistically and performs a specific function. The following items are included in the Arcona Travel Kit Basic Five kit for Normal Skin.

• Golden Grain Gommage
This enzymatic exfoliant cleanses, tones and refines your skin, leaving it fresher, younger-looking and more vibrant. Strengthens and rebuilds the skin’s natural barrier with a proprietary blend of fruit enzymes.
• Magic White Ice
This daily hydrating gel moisturizes deep within the dermis without clogging pores, to protect against environmental damage and leave skin fresh and dewy. Moisturizes skin with white cranberry complex, hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides.
• Desert Mist
This unique protective barrier for skin defends against environmental damage and free radicals and reinforces daily hydration. Repair’s and strengthens the skin’s collagen and elastin to see real changes.
• Toner Tea Bar
This antioxidant facial cleanser heals and strengthens your skin as it tones and minimizes pores. Neutralizes free radicals, calms and protects skin with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory green and black teas.
• Gentle Solution
This gentle nighttime treatment repairs sun damage and resurfaces skin as you sleep. Stimulates rapid cell renewal and deep exfoliation with the gentle-acting Glycolactolymer Complex.

Love the Basic Five? Trust us, we do too. More than a few of our our estheticians love this luxurious,  effective, natural and results-driven line. Do you smell a … GIVEAWAY?! Make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook for further Giveaway deets!

Fight Frizz and Static

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If you’re like most people your hair will get heat styled, tangled, and damaged all in the course of one day. With all the damage we do it’s hard to find the right product to condition your hair without weighing it down. The perfect solution is the Alterna Hemp with Organics Leave in Conditioner. This ultra hydrating hair treatment contains hemp seed oil to help hydrate, protect, and restore your hair’s moisture levels.

This leave in hair saver also contains sunflower seed and avocado extract as well as antioxidants to hydrate and protect the hair from dryness and breakage. Nutrient activated enzymes also help to hydrate and strengthen the hair to prevent dryness, damage and breakage.

The application is easy, you simply spray on your hair after it is towel dried and comb from roots to ends, then style as usual.The hemp organics leave in conditioner is great for all hair types. For ultra fine hair or very oily scalp use this product as an overnight treatment, you can spray it through your hair in the PM then rinse in the AM and you will still get the benefits!

All of the Alterna products contain an enzyme delivery system that allows the hair to absorb essential ingredients and nutrients for optimal keratin production. Alterna also incorporates their patented color hold technology which will protect your hair color from fading and washing out.

Alterna is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Phthalates, Sodium Chloride, Synthetic Color, DEA, TEA, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and PABA. Check out Alterna’s additional products and you will be amazed with the results!

Have a favorite leave-in conditioner?! Share with us!

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