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Feeling Peachy!

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Do you ever have days that you’re just feeling dull or down? We all do but there is a quick fix to solve your beauty blues… bright and peachy makeup! A little dab of this here and a dab of that there. Here are some saviors to any down days and ways to feel radiant.

They say the windows of the soul are the eyes. Why not give attention to those beauties and make them stand out. We want bright and glowing! Color that screams we feel alive and are full of sunshine. Peach Sherbet for lighter skin tones or Supernova for darker skin tones from the Jane Iredale eye shadow collection are great choices. For a more universal shade, I suggest Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten. Depending on how vibrant you want the color you can blend out until you reach your desired color.

The next step is to make those apples on the tops of the cheeks pop. A natural blushing is best created by peachy pink shades. To achieve that perfect color, I suggest colors such as Laughter from bareMinerals or Too Faced Full Bloom Cheek Ultra Flush Blush Who’s Your Poppy.

Lastly, all you need is a little bit of lush on the lips and you’ll look re-vamped in no time! You don’t really need much color but just a bit of a goldish-peach shimmer to make those lips come alive. You can try shades like Soft Peach PureGloss by Jane Iredale, Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot or even bareMinerals Bianca Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish.

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How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye With Stila

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Retro makeup looks are in full swing. The cat eye is at the pinnacle of this major trend. This is a gorgeous, fun, and flirty look that is complimentary on every eye and face shape. Achieving it however can be slightly challenging so here are a few sure-fire tips to get the cat eye you desire all on your own.

  1. First you need a quick drying liquid liner pen. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is ideal for this look as it dries in seconds and doesn’t flake or crack. (If you choose  to wear false lashes this eyeliner is perfect, as it is waterproof so it won’t smear from the lash glue).
  2. Starting from the inner corner of your eye make a thin line across your lash line. Do not pull your eyelid taut as this can make the line uneven.
  3. At the end of your lash line make a thin line upward that has a slight angle, similar to a check mark.
  4. Now slightly build the line upward at the point where the line meets the lash line. Build it to the thickness that is desired or add width to the liner at lash line for an extra retro look.

Finish off with a matte red lip for ultra sexy pin up glamour!

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It’s Prime Time

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These days most of us are looking for easy to use products that are affordable and effective. We often look to products that provide a multitude of different benefits, too. There is a thin line between skin care and cosmetics but there are mergers between the two. A very important step in any daytime regimen which comes before any cosmetic application is a good primer. You can save yourself some time by looking for a primer that offers added anti-aging benefits. There are all kinds of different ones to choose from but here are some of our favorite primers to add into your beauty regimen.

  • Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer: Contains Hydroxyproline and Lactobacillus which can leave skin looking smooth without an oily appearance. This product also contains Willow Herb, a unique anti-irritant, and Jojoba Leaf, a strong and effective antioxidant.
  • Fusion Beauty Prime Results Anti-Wrinkle Primer: Contains Matrixyl 3000™ to help improve the appearance of skin elasticity and tone, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract which can visibly reduces the appearance of adult pores, peptides to help improve skin firmness and Hyaluronic which helps to immediately plump fine lines or wrinkles.
  • Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Primer: Containing six different peptides & neuropeptides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Vitamin A to improve skin tone and texture.

So before you just throw on any old primer before your foundation, make sure to use one that benefits your skin, too!

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Smokey Eyes with Philosophy

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If you’re looking for an easy and chic smoky eye that transitions well from day to night and from summer to fall then Philosophy Supernatural Eye Palettes have got you covered. Our favorite shade collection is Supernatural Eye Palettes Box of Truffles, featuring three perfect shades of silky mineral powders for lid, crease, and shimmer, plus a long-wearing wet-to-dry powder liner for line definition.

The perfect and classy eye requires four minutes. Follow our four easy steps for fool proof beauty:

1. Apply the lightest shade (Latte) all over your lid all the way up to the brow to create a smooth and even canvas.

2. Apply the next darkest shade (Mocha) all over the upper lid, and apply a bit to the lower lash line to give the eyes an almond shape.

3. With a blending brush apply Cocoa to the crease in a light sweeping motion, extending the crease just outside the eyelid and drawing a ‘V’ shape to connect with the bottom lid. Add just a bit of Cocoa to the outer corners of the lower lash line to intensify the look.

4. With a stiff liner brush use the darkest shade (Chocolate) to line the upper lash line, extending the tip into a wing for a touch of glamour.

If you want to take your sassy look into a sultry evening eye swap the Mocha shade for the Cocoa, a deeper brown all over the lid will add drama and elegance.

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Sunny Summer with Too Faced Peach Leopard

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Summer time is filled with fun in the sun, weekend getaways, and bronzed glowing skin. One beauty must have product for this summer is the Peach Leopard Bronzer by Too Faced!

The peach leopard is more that just a bronzer; it also helps to neutralize redness and will give your skin an even glow, as if you’ve spend a week in Hawaii. This bronzer is mineral based so it works great for any skin type including sensitive or redness prone skin.

You can use this product alone for a modest glow or apply over your foundation for a sun kissed flush that is sure to give you a warm and healthy look.

The Too Faced peach leopard contains a blend of peach, matte chocolate and tawny bronze to customize your look and will accentuate all skin tones. You can apply the peach leopard bronzer with the Too Faced Bronze Buki. The buki brush will give any bronzer an airbrushed look and allows for you to layer your bronzer to achieve a customized shimmer. The buki comes with a lid so it’s prefect for traveling and can be used to touch up makeup throughout the day. The bristles are very soft and are synthetic based so this will minimize any bacteria and extend the life of your brush.

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Fake the Dewy Glow

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A natural healthy glow is always in! While you can enhance your complexion with color, you should not cross over the fine line between fake and natural looking. Here is a super quick way to fake a natural glow. Start with a clean face, moisturized face. Apply a tinted moisturizer a shade darker than your natural skin tone, this will give you a sun kissed look. Make sure you apply the tint all over the face and down to the décolleté area. An example product which would be perfect is the Dream Tint Moisture Tint SPF 15 by Jane Iredale. To stay with a natural appearance, use a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks or on the top area of your cheek bones and blend. At this point, your skin tone should appear dewy or glowing with a touch of a natural blushing effect. Stila makes great convertible cream colors for use on the cheeks and lip, we love the Gerbera shade! To top off your natural glow and glam up just a tiny bit, apply some mascara either in brown for lighter toned skin or in black for darker toned skin. Your result will be enhanced and naturally beautiful facial features!

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Five Ways to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

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When you look exhausted, there’s no way around it, it shows. Whether you are up all night with the kiddos or dancing until the sun comes up, dark circles and bags under your eyes are unavoidable. Here are a few tricks I’ve found that will keep you looking fresh and well rested to tackle your day.

1. Scrub a dub dub- Your skin regenerates at night, but when you don’t give it any down time it’s not able to whisk away dead skin cells as a part of its natural repair process. Give your skin a helping hand by scrubbing away those pesky, lack luster cells that leave your skin dull and shall we say…blah.
2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate- Dehydrated skin accentuates fine lines and makes skin look older than it really is. Moisturizer helps to replenish hydration levels in the skin revealing a plump, supple youthful complexion.
3. Can’t fix it, then hide it! Simply conceal your late night rendezvous. Dab concealer under your eyes and on eyelids to even out darkness. Ta-da you’re instantly refreshed!
4. A flush of color on the cheeks imparts a healthy glow. Although you may feel drained, you don’t have to look it! A few strokes of a bright colored blush gives radiance to the skin.
5. Can you barely keep your eyes open? Stop from nodding out at your desk by simply curling your lashes. You’ll look bright eyed and bushy tailed for your 8 a.m. company update meeting.

Remember ladies, nothing replaces the benefits of a full night’s beauty sleep. Hopefully, you can catch up on your zzzz’s tonight!

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Steer Clear of Makeup that Ages You

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We’ve all heard the term “less is more” however there is a very fine line to what works on each side of the fence. Typically for your day look you’d stay on the lighter side of things while at night you’d be more drawn towards a darker look. While that may be a general rule of thumb in makeup application, you might need to think twice.

It’s often said that “With age, comes beauty”. I believe that it is quite true especially when it comes to appearance. There’s a certain grace about a woman. Certain colors or makeup in general can actually age your appearance and create facial faults. Here are some guidelines to make sure your application is radiant and doesn’t dull your shine:

• Steer clear of harsh dark eye makeup – Dark colors can sometimes add shadows around the eye area, making you appear tired. If you use a darker shade in your crease it should be blended out until it only creates a contour/ slight shadow.
• Stick with complimentary colors to your eye color, skin, and hair colors. Mostly that includes neutrals, plums, or olives. Shades of blue are few and far between that have to be matched perfectly!
• For overall face color, think radiance. Opt for blushes and lip colors in shades of peach/pink with gold hues. Corals are the most universal colors for skin shades and age. Steer clear of orange, reds, and sometimes browns which can make the skin appear muddy.
• Steer clear of thick cakey makeup as it sets into your imperfections, pores, and wrinkles making them more obvious. If you can, try using only a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. They tend to blend easier onto the skin and are more lightweight then creams or powders.
• While higher pigmented makeup is usually better quality, don’t overdo application. Too much color draws unwanted attention to only the areas applied. The look you want is even and smooth.
• In conclusion, you want to accentuate your natural features/ beauty. Pick only one feature as your focus and make sure the rest easily blends into that feature. Your ending result should be youthful and classy!

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BLINC: Not Your Average Mascara

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Have you tried every mascara on the market yet you’re still disappointed? Nearly all mascaras claim to be non-clumping, water resistant and flake free, but their track record proves otherwise. Whether you purchase the item from a drugstore or department store, you’re left with the same lackluster result.

It’s time to try something totally different, something TUBULAR! Blinc Mascara is an innovative product that forms tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes rather than coating them with traditional paint-like mascara. Envision lacquer shrink-wrapping to the lash creating length and volume while giving 360 degree coverage around each lash. The result is stunning! Even one with the oiliest of eyelids or women that live in extremely humid climates can be worry free of smudging. You’re left with clump free, water resistant, flake free lashes.

It’s also great for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. For best results apply Blinc on clean, dry lashes. Blinc mascara lasts all day at work, stays put through a vigorous workout and even a full night’s sleep. During application you have a minute and a half to build the volume and length of your lashes to your liking. Once it sets, the tubes clamp onto your lashes for ultimate hold.

When it’s time for removal, no eye makeup remover is required. Water and gentle pressure safely slides the tubes off of your lashes. You’re left with no messy residue that can lead to clogged pores and lashes falling out. Blinc mascara comes in six colors: black, dark brown, medium brown, purple, dark green, and blue.

Makeup Tips for 40 Plus!

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Ladies strive to look their best when they apply their makeup. Beauty enhancements that improve your looks hide flaws and increase your self confidence. But what looked good on us at one time doesn’t always look flattering years later.

Here are some suggestions and tips on things to avoid as we approach 40 and beyond:

1. Dark eyeliner using liquid liner or pencils above your lash line: While this may look great in our younger years, as our eyelids age and we experience crepiness on our lid, hard lines from liners can call more attention to the fact that we no longer have tight skin around our eyelids. Instead consider using a lighter shade and apply a shadow to the base of your lash line and blend upward. The smoother line will help conceal the crepiness and blending upward draws less attention to sagging lids!

2. Dark eyeliner or eye shadow below your lower lash line: While this may have been all the rage during your night club days it’s just not the best thing for someone with lines. Instead consider keeping the area under your lower lash line neutral. Try adding some mascara to your lower lashes and even lining the inside of your lower eyelid with a white or light tan liner.

3. Staying true to one color scheme: Color schemes come and go. Colors that looked flattering on us in our younger years may not be in style now and can make you look outdated. Try picking up the latest edition of a glamour or fashion magazine and make note of what colors are in season and can freshen up your look.

4. Bronzers, glitters & sparkles: Using heavy bronzers, lots of glitter and sparkle can send out the message, “I’m desperate to look younger!” Try enhancing your look with just a touch of fun sparkle and shimmer. Remember a little bit of bling goes a long way… don’t overdo it!

5. Dark lip colors: While deep dark ruby red lip colors may have defined the Hollywood Glamour era and those colors are making a retro come back for gals in their twenties, using dark colors on your lips later in life can draw attention to aged hollow lips, lines around the lip area and project an overall dark unfriendly tone. Instead consider using a lighter, neutral shade of lip color and a little bit of lip gloss.

6. Too much makeup: Invest in a good quality foundation that meets your coverage needs without going overboard. Even out your skin tone, but remember…Less Is More!

7. Dry skin: Using makeup on dry or dehydrated skin can cause problems blending your makeup, call attention to dry flakes of skin and exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles! Using an oil free moisturizer or oil free makeup primer before can create a much more hydrated and  smooth surface. I suggest a something with dimethicone to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and give you a soft silky texture!

8. Outdated Eyebrows: While most ladies take the time to tweeze their brows or get their brows waxed we need to remember with age all things start moving south! Try reshaping your brows lifting them up a little higher than usual and adjusting your arch a bit higher. A skilled esthetician knows how to do this!

So what are your do’s and don’ts for 40’s, 50’s and beyond?!

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