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Top 5 Eye Serums for 2011

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We get asked on a daily basis for the best in the business when it comes to eye products. Eye serums are more popular now than ever because of the ease of use, formulation, and instant results they provide. We carry a lot of excellent eye products; here are a few customer favorites we couldn’t wait to write about!

Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lips. This versatile product is great for reducing puffiness and hydrating the eye area. It also works great for those noticeable lines around the mouth area. You can feel an instant tightening effect when you apply this product. It is also great for wrinkles and dark circles. This must have product contains resveratrol to repair and protect the delicate skin under the eye.

SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum: This product contains a blend of plant extracts to smooth and hydrate the eye area. This multi taker is also great for reducing puffiness fine lines and dark circles. This eye serum is oil free so it works great for oily skin types and under makeup.

Arcona Peptide Eye Serum: This eye serum is rich in peptides that will help reduce puffiness while keeping the eye area hydrated. It also contains Matrixyl 3000 which is a peptide that can stimulate collagen and increase hydration. This eye product is great for sensitive skin types and can be used day and night. You also can apply an eye cream over top if you want additional hydration.

Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-Aging Serum by Elizabeth Arden: This unique formulated serum contains Idebenone which is proven to prevent oxidation on the skin. This eye treatment is perfect for you sun goers who may have hyperpigmentation due to sun damage around your eye area. It also works great for fine lines wrinkles and is very firming. If you want to tighten and protect your eye area, this is the perfect serum for you.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum: This top five contender is formulated with Dr. Brand’t age reversing platinum technology; which will help to combat fine lines, loss of elasticity, under eye puffiness, and will help to repair the skin’s tissue from the inside out. Don’t be fooled this eye serum is very hydrating and will help to prevent moisture loss.

These are just to name a few! We have many others to choose from and would love to get your feedback, please tell us if you have any favorites.

Best of Bust

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Whether you are small chested like Kate Hudson or have an ample bust like Pamela Anderson it’s likely that you already know the importance of taking care of your “girls” to keep them looking their best, no matter their size.

A perky, smooth bust resonates youth and good health. Unfortunately, gravity, sun damage, breast feeding, and hormonal changes can all take their toll. But you don’t have to be pregnant or in menopause to start taking care of your tata’s! It’s never too early to start taking preventative measures, and it’s never too late to use corrective products!

Skincare shouldn’t stop at the neck. That’s why you should use high-quality products on your chest area. Decleor Aroma Sculpt Bust Beautifying Toning Gel is a natural formula that contains an exclusive cocktail of eight active essential oils and Phyto-Firm Complex to promote a toning and tightening effect while leaving a luminous iridescence. It’s great for gals in their 20’s that are taking preventative measures and looking to achieve a pretty glow.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment for Neck and Bust is an outstanding two for one product that provides firming and lifting benefits to both the neck and décolleté areas. Best for mature skin types, Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment’s clinical trials claim the following results: reduction is skin crepiness by up to 33%, increase in skin firmness by up to 17%, and increase in skin elasticity by 14%. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Lierac Paris Bust Lift Creme Firming Anti-Brown Spots Cream is a great choice for those that have crepiness and sun damage like brown spots or freckles due to too much sun exposure. Hydration, firmness, reduction of hyperpigmentation are a result of using this miracle in a jar. Lierac Paris Bust Lift Spray Treatment for Bust and Décolleté can be layered under the cream for even better results.

Are you a new mom? Are you expecting? Mustela Specific Support Bust is an amazing product to use pre, during and post pregnancy. It helps promote firmness, prevent loss of elasticity, and relieve tension. It soothes breast tenderness and stretching sensations of the skin and it’s an elegant formula that soaks quickly into the skin so you can get on with your busy baby-filled day!

And what about cup size? What if you’re unhappy with yours? Before you look into augmentation try a product that’s sure to fill out your bra without the pain or the cost of surgery. Rodial Boob Job “blocks” fat into the area where the product has been applied. When applied to the bust area, Boob Job will gradually increase cup size and will provide an instant lifting and firming effect.

Whether you’re young or mature, small or large breasted there’s a décolleté product for you. Remember that your neck and chest can give your age away, even when your face looks amazing. So take care of your décolleté and breasts to keep your chest looking youthful and you feeling oh-so-good and confident!

Lap of Luxury

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As we get older, priorities shift. The once “gotta have it” pair of killer heels is suddenly not so important anymore. Material belongings are short-lived. Lets face it, your favorite little black dress is no longer in style and your comfy heels have seen better days. These temporary treasures are disposable. Rather than just throwing money away on possessions that are fleeting, why not invest in yourself? You have to look at yourself everyday in the mirror, don’t you? So, why not look at the best representation of yourself, body and mind. Our bodies, skin, health and well being are invaluable. So splurge on your most valuable asset, yourself!

Here are a few of our favorite luxurious, most self indulgent products:

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex Best Results Kit is the next best thing to a genie in a bottle. TNS Recovery Complex has been featured on various talk shows like Oprah and The Doctors because of its exclusive Nouricel-MD complex which uses human growth factor to stimulate the repair and production of healthy youthful skin. The kit also includes Dermal Repair Cream that combines big hitter ingredients vitamin C and E, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega-3 Fatty Acid in a rich hydrating base. The Best Results Kit is a one two combo that will keep your skin in tip top shape.

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo is the ultimate hair restorative treatment. Chemically damaged, parched locks are transformed into luminous bouncy hair after just one use. Your hair is flooded with vital nutrients vitamin B5, 11 Amino Acids, Chamomile, Grape See, Rosemary, Nettle, Burdock, Sage, Silk, Wheat, Shea Butter and Soy Proteins. Hair is stronger, shiny, and full of life.

Pevonia Youth-Renew Caviar Hand Cream addresses the most neglected skin on our bodies, our hands. The hands are one of the first body parts to show the signs of aging, especially sun damage and fine lines. But, this is not your ordinary run of the mill hand cream. The caviar formula not only hydrates and softens skin, it also exfoliates, lightens, nourishes, and provides UV protection.

SkinCeuticals Advanced Body Firming Lotion is a luxe firming body treatment. Soy isoflavones, pure vitamin E, nutrient-rich algae, and a variety of botanical extracts moisturize and replenish elasticity. The skin looks younger and more vibrant with accumulative results.

We can’t always sit in the lap of luxury, but it’s necessary to indulge in life’s pleasures every now and again. Go ahead, treat yourself.

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The Perfect Eye Cream

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Introducing Kinerase Restructure Firming Eye Cream.


This is a new product by Kinerase that has lasting results. This eye cream will stimulate collagen, target elasin protein coils to firm the skin, and visibly reduce wrinkles.


The Restructure Firming Eye Cream works by using a plant extract known as LOXL stimulator, which reinforces elastin proving lifting and firming benefits to the delicate eye area. This product also contains a powerful peptide complex to reduce wrinkles and prevent further damage. Also formulated with .15% Kinetin, a potent antioxidant that Kinerase is famous for, retains moisture in the skin and helps to repair and protect the eye area.


If you are looking for an excellent eye cream to firm, strengthen, and hydrate, the Restructure Firming Eye Cream will do just that. This eye cream is also beneficial in reducing expression lines, smoothing the skin, reducing wrinkle depth and providing an overall more improved appearance of the skin.


The Restructure Firming Eye Cream is paraben free and great for sensitive skin types that may wear contacts or have allergies. This eye cream is a must try for us devoted Kinerase users and everyone else will like it too!


Also check out Kinerase Restructure Firming Face Cream if you are looking for a firming moisturizer to help and smooth out your skin and reduce wrinkles.


Click here to learn more about Kinerase.


PhotoFacial Sun Damage Reversal System

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Beauty on a BudgetPhotoFacial is a word you’ve probably heard before if you keep up on the latest and greatest in-office procedures. A PhotoFacial is administered by a medical technician to rejuvenate your skin and ensure a bright, even and glowing complexion. While a PhotoFacial is beneficial for lines, dull skin and even broken capillaries, it’s best for treating hyperpigmentation and sun damage. 


A series of PhotoFacial treatments will normally be administered over the course of a few months, and can cost upwards of $2000 for the series. If your find PhotoFacials intriguing but can’t foot the bill, we have the next best thing for just about a $100.

Kinerase Photofacial Sun Damage Reversal KitKinerase skincare, a leader in the cosmeceutical world, has created Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System, a revolutionary 3-step topical skincare system that replicates the sun damage reversal benefits of one of the top dermatologist procedures, PhotoFacials, at home. The revolutionary system is formulated to work synergistically to stop, correct, and protect from the signs of sun damage to restore soft, radiant skin.


The Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System contains three simple products to ensure a simple and easy to use routine. The first step is the Kinerase PhotoFacials Daily Exfoliating Cleanser which contains a combination of powerful yet gentle fruit enzymes which mildly exfoliate the skin while also improving hydration for a brighter, glowing complexion. The cleanser contains SepiTonic M3, a multi-mineral active ingredient, which consist of zinc, copper and magnesium that re-energizes the skin by stimulating cell turnover. It also contains Kinetin, and pomegranate extract for antioxidant protection, as well as jojoba and silica beads to gently remove dead skin cell build-up. The cleanser’s creamy consistency ensures that your skin will stay hydrated and supple while it’s thoroughly exfoliated.


The Day Moisturizer with SPF50 is a highly effective rejuvenating and preventative product with an SPF of 50, it contains Kinetin like the rest of Kinerase products, but also contains a new, powerful blend of lightening ingredients; lactic acid, kojic acid, mulberry extract, bearberry extract, and licorice extract. The high content of palmitoyl glycine promotes collagen production, thus firming and strengthening the skin, while a peptide blend works synergistically to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The SPF50 is composed of UVA and UVB skin protectants, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so irritation is kept at a minimum and your skin is protected to the maximum.


The Night Moisturizer also uses kinetin and peptides, but instead of the alpha hydroxy acid blend it incorporates a patented lightening formulation called SepiWhite. SepiWhite is unique pigment-targeting agent that works by halting 6 different stages of melanin pigments production. The product also contains another patented ingredient called SepiCalm. SepiCalm soothes the skin and reduces irregular melanin production. The Night Moisturizer also contains purified pomegranate extract, as well as brown algae extract to provide antioxidant protection and to promote firmness and elasticity of the skin. The high content of Matrixyl 3000 provides retinol-like benefits without any irritation or redness. The beta glucan component provides a soothing action and stimulates skin’s natural immune response while promoting skin regeneration.



We understand that in this economy the much coveted PhotoFacial can be out of reach, so we suggest that you invest $100 into the hard-working Kinerase PhotoFacial Sun Damage Reversal system to achieve amazing results that’ll have everyone wondering just what you’ve done with your skin.


Products featured in this article: Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System, Kinerase PhotoFacials Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, The Day Moisturizer with SPF50, Kinerase Photofacials Night Moisturizer.

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