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Topix Replenix All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream

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Looking for a new eye cream? Topix Replenix’s new All Trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream is just what you’ve been looking for! It has all of your biggest eye concerns covered. This retinol based eye cream combats multiple signs of aging. Vitamin K and arnica aid in correcting dark circles by stimulating blood circulation around the eye area. A concentrated peptide blend promotes new collagen and elastin production to help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While Green Tea Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory benefits and provides antioxidant protection to the eye area. With continued use eyes will appear brighter, more refreshed, while the appearance fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. We’ve already heard great feedback from our customer’s about this product!

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Quick Tip: Primed & Lifted

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Want instant results?! You can find some great help with one bottle! Say hello to Prime Results Anti Wrinkle Primer by Fusion Beauty! A light peach colored product that can help to brighten up dull complexion, tighten and firm the face, help to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and lift for a more sculpted appearance. After application, you’ll see an instant result that can last anywhere between 6-8 hours! With consistent use you’re likely to see long-term benefits also! It’s great that this product acts as a treatment product and a primer for fantastic makeup application. Give it a try…it may just be the beauty genie you’ve been looking for!

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Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair

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A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that has the capacity to renew itself, or to replace dying, worn out cells. When a stem cell divides it has the potential to become a different type of a cell, like a brain cell or a skin cell, or it can remain a stem cell for the course of its life and work in the gut or in the bone marrow. Every life; human, animal, or plant, starts with a stem cell. And just like you and I came from stem cells, so do fruits and flowers and every living thing on this planet. Stem cell research continues to get savvier day by day and scientists are discovering that plant stem cells can play a huge role in the human system too, especially in the skin. Juice Beauty, a pioneer in the freshest and purest nature and science synergy, has launched two plant stem cell based products and they’re definitely sure to please.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer is a reparative hydrator that’s suitable for all skin types. Completely waterless, this moisturizer contains a potent blend of organic fruit stem cells and vitamin C to decrease DNA damage that occurs from daily aggressors. The fruit stem cells are absorbed deeply into the skin to encourage repair and cell regeneration, while a multi-vitamin base stimulates collagen production and skin resilience. Additionally, fatty acids encourage elasticity and impart deep hydration. The result? Fresh, moist, dewy, glowing skin that looks and feels smooth and healthy. After using this product for three weeks both morning and evening I’ve found that I no longer need foundation. My skin is smooth, radiant, and even-toned, and I have no sensitivity, irritation or breakouts post-use.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment is another brand new fruit stem cell based product that’s quickly becoming a customer favorite. This light-weight formula is great for both morning and evening use. It helps to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet while nourishing and protecting the delicate eye tissue. The essential fatty acids hydrate while vitamin C brightens and tightens. I’ve found the formula to be light-weight and extremely smooth… great for layering under concealer. My eye area appears brighter and tighter, and my much-too-sensitive eyes are not one bit irritated or red.

I’ll be the first to tell you that as complicated as stem cell research sounds, it’s definitely an amazing thing, especially when it comes to skin! Our skin is the largest organ and it requires extra special care. When your skin looks good, you feel good… no doubt about it!

The NEW Baby Quasar MD

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Baby Quasar, one of the most innovative anti-aging companies has developed a brand new device, the Baby Quasar MD.

The new Baby Quasar MD is 3x more powerful and more effective than the original, so you will be able to achieve professional results in half the time. It is the most powerful and effective consumer device available, and was previously only used in medical facilities.

The device works by emitting infrared light and four different wavelengths that stimulating your skin to increase blood flow and circulation. As the skin ages it produces less collagen and hyaluronic acid which will make the skin deteriorate over time. The Baby Quasar MD will generate the production of new collagen which will improve the overall condition of your skin. It will soothe and heal the skin, it will also firm, treat large pores, reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. You can also use the device on the green mode for up to 12 minutes at a time, to treat pain such as arthritis, sprains, and wounds.

The new MD is just as easy to use as the original and just as portable. The MD has three settings, an orange LED low for sensitive skin, red LED high for normal skin, and a continuous wave green setting which is the highest power setting to increase blood flow and circulation. There is an indicator light on top of the device which will indicate which mode you are in.

When you begin using the Baby Quasar MD treatment you will want to make sure your skin is clean with no makeup or skin care products except for a hydrating serum. You will also want to remove any jewelry. The Baby Quasar pure silk is recommended to use in conjunction with your quasar before you begin treatment. Visually divide your face in 6 different sections and use the device for 2 minutes on each area of the face. The device will beep when it’s time to move to a different area of the face.

Rather then using the device 2-3 times per week with the original Baby Quasar, it’s recommended that you use the Baby Quasar MD only once per week for 24-36 minutes per treatment. Because of the strength you can use the Quasar MD up to two times per week; this will allow your skin enough time to regenerate and to prevent dryness from overuse. To clean the Baby Quasar you can use a cotton pad with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after each use.

The Baby Quasar MD can be used on all skin types, it is Dermatologist recommended, and is FDA approved and accepted. The quasar will make a great addition to any skin care regimen because it will boost the benefits of any products you are already using. If you have any medical concerns we suggest first consulting your doctor or dermatologist before using this device.

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Wrinkle Warfare with Perricone MD

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Waging war against wrinkles? Don’t admit defeat, it’s time to pull together your resources and strategize a plan of attack. According to Nicholas V. Perricone, MD, “Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. It is a disease and you can fight it.”

Dr. Perricone addresses the signs of aging in a three tiered approach with an anti-inflammatory diet, nutritional supplements, and topical anti-oxidants. All elements are designed to work synergistically promoting optimum health for your skin, body and mind.

An anti-inflammatory diet consists of high-quality protein, like that found in poultry, fish, shellfish and tofu, low-glycemic carbohydrates such as colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains like beans, lentils, legumes and old-fashioned oatmeal. Additionally, healthy fats especially those found in salmon, halibut, herring, nuts, seeds, and olive oil are essential to the diet. It’s also crucial to keep the body hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and beverages that are high in antioxidants such as green tea.

Nutritional supplements provide a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are essential to help your skin look its best and should be a staple in every woman’s anti-aging regimen. Dr. Perricone carries his own range of supplements that enhance the benefits of his topical products for maximum results.

The last weapon in Perricone’s anti-aging arsenal is topical treatments. Perricone has a barrage of products that address every concern. Some of his most touted products include:
Perricone MD Deep Wrinkle Serum , whic smoothes and relaxes deep lines and wrinkles for a botox like effect with a unique peptide complex. Elasticity is increased and the skin’s texture is more smooth and supple.
Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy, which improves skin firmness and elasticity, reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and neck skin creases. The skin is toned, tightened, and hydrated.
Perricone MD Cold Plasma is a revolutionary anti-aging product the addresses the 10 visible signs of aging all in one product: firmness, elasticity, clarity, radiance, smoothness, texture, redness, blotchiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness. The skin is lifted and firm with DMAE, which stimulates nerve function, causing muscles under the skin to contract and tighten, preventing sagging skin.

Looking for a fresh start to a new year? Visit Dr. Perricone’s site for a 28 Day step by step diet and exercise plan for a younger looking, healthier you in 2011!

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Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set

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Today on SkinStore, Caudalie Paris is introducing its Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set, your golden ticket to absolutely beautiful skin.

The Deluxe Anniversary set features two glow-getting products. The first is Premier Cru, a true Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte masterpiece. Cru contains all three of Caudalie’s signature ingredients; titrated resveratrol, viniferine and polyphenols… the purest extracts from grape skin, grape vine, and grape seed. In combination, these ingredients stop free radicals in their tracks, reducing oxidative stress by 155%. This powerhouse also induces collagen production, increases thickness of the epidermis, resculpting and lifting the skin. Clinical trials prove that the facial contours are much more defined after just 56 days of treatment with Caudalie Cru. The active ingredients in Cru work in synergy to lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by aging and sun damage. So not only is this product going to prevent aging, it’s also going to help reverse every single aging concern; from lines and wrinkles, to hyperpigmentation and lack of firmness and elasticity.

The second product in the Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set is the Collector’s Edition Beauty Elixir, a cult product and celebrity favorite. Taunted as the elixir of youth, this powerful spritzer smoothes, soothes, tightens pores, softens, hydrates, rejuvenates and adds radiance to dull, lackluster skin. It also works as an astringent post-cleanse, and helps to pull active ingredients from your Premier Cru deeper into the epidermis. Keep a bottle in your vanity cabinet to use before moisturizing, and keep another bottle in your purse for a midday pick-me-up. If you wear mineral make-up, just spritz on a bit of Beauty Elixir post application to set the powder and give the skin a dewy glow.

Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set is for all women and men that want to prevent and correct all signs of aging. Caudalie’s products are gentle, yet extremely effective in achieving desired results. The Caudalie Premier Cru Anniversary Set comes in a beautiful box that’s perfect for gift-giving, and at $150 for a $166 value, who could ever resist?!

Tell us what you think! Have you tried these products? Are you going to try the kit? We’d love your feedback!

Top 5 Eye Serums for 2011

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We get asked on a daily basis for the best in the business when it comes to eye products. Eye serums are more popular now than ever because of the ease of use, formulation, and instant results they provide. We carry a lot of excellent eye products; here are a few customer favorites we couldn’t wait to write about!

Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lips. This versatile product is great for reducing puffiness and hydrating the eye area. It also works great for those noticeable lines around the mouth area. You can feel an instant tightening effect when you apply this product. It is also great for wrinkles and dark circles. This must have product contains resveratrol to repair and protect the delicate skin under the eye.

SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum: This product contains a blend of plant extracts to smooth and hydrate the eye area. This multi taker is also great for reducing puffiness fine lines and dark circles. This eye serum is oil free so it works great for oily skin types and under makeup.

Arcona Peptide Eye Serum: This eye serum is rich in peptides that will help reduce puffiness while keeping the eye area hydrated. It also contains Matrixyl 3000 which is a peptide that can stimulate collagen and increase hydration. This eye product is great for sensitive skin types and can be used day and night. You also can apply an eye cream over top if you want additional hydration.

Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-Aging Serum by Elizabeth Arden: This unique formulated serum contains Idebenone which is proven to prevent oxidation on the skin. This eye treatment is perfect for you sun goers who may have hyperpigmentation due to sun damage around your eye area. It also works great for fine lines wrinkles and is very firming. If you want to tighten and protect your eye area, this is the perfect serum for you.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum: This top five contender is formulated with Dr. Brand’t age reversing platinum technology; which will help to combat fine lines, loss of elasticity, under eye puffiness, and will help to repair the skin’s tissue from the inside out. Don’t be fooled this eye serum is very hydrating and will help to prevent moisture loss.

These are just to name a few! We have many others to choose from and would love to get your feedback, please tell us if you have any favorites.

Best of Bust

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Whether you are small chested like Kate Hudson or have an ample bust like Pamela Anderson it’s likely that you already know the importance of taking care of your “girls” to keep them looking their best, no matter their size.

A perky, smooth bust resonates youth and good health. Unfortunately, gravity, sun damage, breast feeding, and hormonal changes can all take their toll. But you don’t have to be pregnant or in menopause to start taking care of your tata’s! It’s never too early to start taking preventative measures, and it’s never too late to use corrective products!

Skincare shouldn’t stop at the neck. That’s why you should use high-quality products on your chest area. Decleor Aroma Sculpt Bust Beautifying Toning Gel is a natural formula that contains an exclusive cocktail of eight active essential oils and Phyto-Firm Complex to promote a toning and tightening effect while leaving a luminous iridescence. It’s great for gals in their 20’s that are taking preventative measures and looking to achieve a pretty glow.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment for Neck and Bust is an outstanding two for one product that provides firming and lifting benefits to both the neck and décolleté areas. Best for mature skin types, Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment’s clinical trials claim the following results: reduction is skin crepiness by up to 33%, increase in skin firmness by up to 17%, and increase in skin elasticity by 14%. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Lierac Paris Bust Lift Creme Firming Anti-Brown Spots Cream is a great choice for those that have crepiness and sun damage like brown spots or freckles due to too much sun exposure. Hydration, firmness, reduction of hyperpigmentation are a result of using this miracle in a jar. Lierac Paris Bust Lift Spray Treatment for Bust and Décolleté can be layered under the cream for even better results.

Are you a new mom? Are you expecting? Mustela Specific Support Bust is an amazing product to use pre, during and post pregnancy. It helps promote firmness, prevent loss of elasticity, and relieve tension. It soothes breast tenderness and stretching sensations of the skin and it’s an elegant formula that soaks quickly into the skin so you can get on with your busy baby-filled day!

And what about cup size? What if you’re unhappy with yours? Before you look into augmentation try a product that’s sure to fill out your bra without the pain or the cost of surgery. Rodial Boob Job “blocks” fat into the area where the product has been applied. When applied to the bust area, Boob Job will gradually increase cup size and will provide an instant lifting and firming effect.

Whether you’re young or mature, small or large breasted there’s a décolleté product for you. Remember that your neck and chest can give your age away, even when your face looks amazing. So take care of your décolleté and breasts to keep your chest looking youthful and you feeling oh-so-good and confident!

StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream

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In April of 2010 I had the pleasure of trying the StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream.  If you have read any of my other product reviews you may already know my skin tends to be a bit more on the dry side. Finding a moisturizer can be difficult for me. Friends and coworkers asked why I would be using this product since I didn’t have any fine lines, wrinkles or sagging skin?

My answer to them was that I had heard so many positive reviews on this product and, if it truly worked I wanted the benefits of the lifting, tightening, toning and moisturizing of my skin now before these problems arise! 

So often I have customers call in to consultation on how to keep their skin young looking, firm and healthy.  My first answer is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  My second recommendation would be StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream.

I applied the product twice a day, once in the morning after cleansing and toning my skin, and once in the evening after cleansing and toning my skin.  I stayed true to this regimen for four weeks and after that have been applying it mornings and evenings 3 times a week as directed to maintain results.

Since using the Instant Facial Sculpting Cream my skin has been healthy and hydrated.  I’ve noticed firmness to my facial area and I see no evidence of fine lines or deep wrinkles that would suggest my age.  I recently ran into a friend (38) who graduated from high school a year before I did.  I was amazed at how much he had aged and how much the StriVectin had stopped time in its tracks for me.  While I don’t claim to have perfect skin, at 37 years old I still have people guess I’m in my late 20’s to early 30’s!

I can’t speak highly about StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone wanting to turn back the hands of time or stop time in its tracks! 


Lap of Luxury

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As we get older, priorities shift. The once “gotta have it” pair of killer heels is suddenly not so important anymore. Material belongings are short-lived. Lets face it, your favorite little black dress is no longer in style and your comfy heels have seen better days. These temporary treasures are disposable. Rather than just throwing money away on possessions that are fleeting, why not invest in yourself? You have to look at yourself everyday in the mirror, don’t you? So, why not look at the best representation of yourself, body and mind. Our bodies, skin, health and well being are invaluable. So splurge on your most valuable asset, yourself!

Here are a few of our favorite luxurious, most self indulgent products:

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex Best Results Kit is the next best thing to a genie in a bottle. TNS Recovery Complex has been featured on various talk shows like Oprah and The Doctors because of its exclusive Nouricel-MD complex which uses human growth factor to stimulate the repair and production of healthy youthful skin. The kit also includes Dermal Repair Cream that combines big hitter ingredients vitamin C and E, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega-3 Fatty Acid in a rich hydrating base. The Best Results Kit is a one two combo that will keep your skin in tip top shape.

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo is the ultimate hair restorative treatment. Chemically damaged, parched locks are transformed into luminous bouncy hair after just one use. Your hair is flooded with vital nutrients vitamin B5, 11 Amino Acids, Chamomile, Grape See, Rosemary, Nettle, Burdock, Sage, Silk, Wheat, Shea Butter and Soy Proteins. Hair is stronger, shiny, and full of life.

Pevonia Youth-Renew Caviar Hand Cream addresses the most neglected skin on our bodies, our hands. The hands are one of the first body parts to show the signs of aging, especially sun damage and fine lines. But, this is not your ordinary run of the mill hand cream. The caviar formula not only hydrates and softens skin, it also exfoliates, lightens, nourishes, and provides UV protection.

SkinCeuticals Advanced Body Firming Lotion is a luxe firming body treatment. Soy isoflavones, pure vitamin E, nutrient-rich algae, and a variety of botanical extracts moisturize and replenish elasticity. The skin looks younger and more vibrant with accumulative results.

We can’t always sit in the lap of luxury, but it’s necessary to indulge in life’s pleasures every now and again. Go ahead, treat yourself.

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