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Eye Glamour – “The Rocker Eye”

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It seems for the last year and into this new year, that the color red is all the rage in eye color. It seems to be popping up everywhere in the cosmetic world and even used for our famous feme fatals in the celebrity realm. It just adds that edge needed to glam up your eye for the perfect night out! Really, you ask! Why? Picture your perfect sultry, sexy, smoky eye. Now to really make those peepers pop, imagine placing a bold, wild color such as red as your base and blending in some black/grey towards those edges. How fun to imagine, however this look is not for the faint of heart!


To create:

  1. Pick a color red that is bold but deep in tone.
  2. Apply it over the entire lid
  3. Use a black or grey on the outer edges
  4. Blend, blend, blend to smooth the red to the shadowed edges
  5. For even more glam you can pat over the eyelid with a shimmer pigment in red (Optional)
  6. Finish off your look with black/ grey eyeliner, a couple coats of mascara and voila!

This will create a unique and fun eye look to add to your different makeup methods. Red is usually a color easily matched to outfits and will definitely make a bold statement. I think it’s worth giving a try, don’t you?! For specifics on how to create a smoky eye to mimic the directions of this blog, refer to the previous blog titled “Quick Tip: Sultry Smoky Eye.”


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My Top Picks: Eye Make-up Removers

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Are you looking for a great make-up remover for your eyes? Do you want something that will take off last night’s June Jacobs Gentle Creamy Eye Make-Up Removermake-up, without taking off a layer of skin with it? We can help ease the discomfort and offer some lid saving solutions.


One gentle product is the June Jacobs Gentle Creamy Eye Make-Up Remover. Its creamy texture and ease of use, makes this a great product for any eye make-up wearer.  It has soothing agents like green tea, cucumber extract, and ginseng. These trusty ingredients are anti inflammatory that not only soothe your skin, but may also get rid of yesterday’s bags too.


Kerstin Florian Gentle Eye Make-Up RemoverAnother great non-oily eye makeup remover is the Kerstin Florian Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. This remover will help to break apart and dissolve eye makeup. It contains botanical extracts to heal and soothe your eye area.  If you need to refresh your eye makeup, but do not want to take off all of your face makeup try this tip: Place a folded Kleenex under your eye area close to your bottom lid. Then use a small cotton ball dipped in eye makeup remover to gently take off your make-up. This is a time saver ladies, and will also help to prevent those raccoon eyes from making an appearance. 


For ladies that like to layer on the eye liner and waterproof mascaras we recommend Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Extract – Waterproof. This does not contain any sulfates or parabens, so it works great for sensitive skin types. This is an oil based eye make-up remover, so it will work wonderful for waterproof make-up and TALIKA Oil Free Lash Conditioning Cleansergenerously lined eyes.


If you are looking to strengthen the look of your lashes while removing make-up we suggest TALIKA Oil Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser. This is a two in one product perfect for on the go girls that want a gentle eye make-up remover, but also want a little help in the lash department. The high content of silk proteins will help to condition your lashes and make them stronger and healthier. Talk about a time and lash saver!


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Quick Tip: Holiday Beauty in a Snap!

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Stila Convertible Eye ColorThe holiday season is notorious for putting your already hectic schedule into overdrive. Priorities quickly change, if it means scoring big at an infamous Black Friday sale (wink, wink). But ladies, beauty no longer has to take the backseat during this time of year! There are handy tools to help make your beauty regimen snappy and more convenient. Stila makes a fabulous little gadget that has saved my tail a time or two! Stila Convertible Eye Color is a one stop makeup shop. It is not only your eyeliner, but also your eyeshadow and smudging tool all in one compact pencil. The Convertible Eye Color comes in an assortment of shades that will compliment every occasion. The holiday lights won’t be the only thing sparkling this year!


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Quick Tip: Sultry Smokey Eye

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Get Sultry Smoky Eyes!If you’ve ever wanted that perfect smoky eye look you know it is not as easy as it appears. When dealing with the eye area it looks as easy as cake…it can be if you have the proper instructions. The basic smoky eye can be achieved in about four easy steps.


First you’d want to select some complementary colors to use for your eye area. For people with lighter eyes and hair, we’d suggest using purple shades or lighter shades of brown. For people with darker eyes and hair, we’d suggest darker shades of brown and black. You want two similar eye colors which are about 2 shades different from each other. One shade on the lighter side of the color spectrum and one shade on the darker side of the spectrum, but not too big of a gap. You will also need either, a silver shade for lighter skin and a white/ gold shade for people with darker skin tones for a highlighter. Your last two product tools for this look will be eyeliner and mascara.


First apply your lighter shade eye shadow over your entire lid as your base. Next you would want to use the darker shade to use in the eye contour area or crease area of the lid. To make your eye area appear bigger, extend the darker shade a little above the crease area as well. Using a blending brush, start from the inner eye area and in short circular strokes blend the two shades to the outer section of the eye. The two shades should completely blend into each other, Stila Smoky Eye Paletteleaving no harsh looking lines around the eye area. To really accentuate the eyes, always make sure that the area on the outer corner is your darkest area. After everything is blended together, apply your highlighter shade to the area below the brow bone. Do not apply the highlighter past the inner corner or outer corner of the eyebrow. Your last couple steps are to apply your eyeliner and mascara which complete your “ready to go out dancing” perfect smoky eye. If you are unsure of which colors to choose and still confused on exactly how to apply the colors, you can purchase products like Stila’s Smoky Eye Palette. They have a few different color options to choose from and they provide an electronic voice box which walks you through each step on how to apply your smoky eye.


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Through The Eyes of the Beholder

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Through the Eyes of the BeholderWhat makes the face stunning or captivating? Facial features are what set us apart from each other. Although we may all have our differences that make us unique, there are always ways to highlight or bring out our naturally beautiful attributes.


According to research done at Face Research Org., the most attractive or appealing feminine facial features are big eyes, big lips, a youthful appearance, and symmetry. In my own personal opinion and research, I have found that it extends a little past the most obvious features. In addition to the above opinions listed, I believe it is the attributes of big flirty lashes, big lips with a bright smile, flushed contoured cheeks, a defined facial structure, and radiant skin that are amongst the top contenders for appealing facial qualities. Even though we all try for that supermodel face, we know it isn’t as easy as they make it appear. Luckily, women have acquired many different beauty secrets over the years that they tuck away into their little mental notepads made available to pull out for future reference. The secrets are ways to achieve the results we are searching for and ways to deceive the eyes of the beholder. So, from me to you… here is a list of areas on the face that can be easily enhanced to achieve an attractive, stunning, admired face.


Area # 1: Face structure- Will add definition and contour your facial structure. You’ll want to contour your jaw line and the hollows or cylinders of the cheeks. The cylinder of the cheek is the area below the cheek bone diagonal to the tops of your ear. This will slim down areas of the face and create a nice facial structure. Use a foundation or matte bronzer 1-2 shades darker than your regular foundation.


Area # 2: The eyes- The bigger you can make them, the better! Use any tools you have access to. Usually your two best cosmetic friends for this job are eyeliner and most of all, GREAT mascara! The longer or fuller your lashes appear, the more it opens up the eye area and makes them pop. If you have the time to play around and learn how to contour the eye with different eye shadow shades, then you can also apply those techniques. Remember, men love those big puppy dog eyes that they can get lost in!


Area # 3: The cheeks- In addition to contouring the hollows of the cheeks, which adds definition; apply blush to the apples of the cheeks to create a naturally flush look. Applying that little bit of color to your cheeks, instantly adds appeal to your face. If you are unsure of blush shades to use, usually different shades of coral varying from light to dark will work universally.


Area # 4: The lips-(Keyword = Luscious!) The more you can plump those bad boys up, the better. Lip plumpers if you can handle them, or any regular shiny lip gloss makes the area appear more attractive and alluring. Lips are one of the most sensual parts of the body. Why wouldn’t you want to highlight them? In addition to lips themselves, an inviting smile is always sexy. So make sure that you treat and maintain that bright smile. If you need a little extra help in that department, you can use tooth whitening treatments every so often to get those pearly whites. The whiter the teeth are, the more your other features stand out. Smiles portray confidence and happiness. That fact alone is attractive!


Area # 5: Skin- One of the most important factors to a stunning face is your complexion. A clear, smooth, radiant complexion is PRICELESS! No matter how many beauty tips and tricks you know, it is important to take care of your skin. Make sure you find a skin care regimen that specifically suite your skin type and conditions. The more consistent and committed you are to your regimen, the more youthful and appealing your face will be. Your skin will always be the canvas of your face. If your skin is beautiful, you won’t even need to utilize half of the treasured beauty secrets we keep to try and lure the attention of the opposite sex or obtain the admiration of a fellow woman. Lastly…Don’t forget that beauty also stems from within. This internal beauty will always top what makes an individual attractive!


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Wedding Makeup

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Game Plan to the Plunge!Planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. It’s difficult to remember to make time to stop and smell the roses. Especially when the roses are priced with more zeros than you’ve seen in your life…. between addressing invitations and attending last minute appointments, things can tend to get a bit chaotic, but don’t forget to take care of your grooming needs. Stay on top of your beauty regimen to ensure a bright complexion on your wedding day. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you right on track toward wedding day bliss.

Find a Good Skin Care Routine.

6 months before the big day, meet with a skin care professional to get you started on the proper products for your skin. Make-up looks best on healthy skin, so start taking care of it well in advance to achieve the priceless look of a beautiful, blushing bride. At we love talking to brides to be! We even offer complimentary skin care consultations to make your life easier.

Pick Your Look

Take time to ponder what type of look you want to go for. Going for a timeless, classic look is always error proof, but don’t be afraid to embrace who you are. There are no rules stating how you should look for your wedding day. If you are having trouble picking just one style, like myself, you can do two different looks. I’m a girl who likes her options so I’ve decided to choose a more chic, timeless look for the ceremony and to vamp it up for the reception! Some brides purchase two different wedding gowns and change into a party style dress for the reception. But for those of us that don’t have money growing on trees, consider changing smaller pieces for the transition. For example, change from your veil into a fascinator head piece that’s fun and flirty, or maybe apply a darker sexy lip color that makes a statement! Browse through over 100 different looks at the Makeup and BeautyBlog for some inspiration.

Lashes to Die For

Fuller lashes instantly create a more glamorous look; find a lash enhancer to start using a few months before the wedding. Hydropeptide just came out with their Lash Longer Fuller Lusher. This will enhance the appearance of you Talika Eyelash Extenderlashes to look longer and thicker. Also use the TALIKA Lash Extender the day of your wedding; this will instantly make your lashes appear more than 80% fuller. This is a pure fiber extender that you apply over your mascara before it’s dried and it extends your lashes to the high heavens! No need for falsies! If you do go with fake eyelashes the day of, I suggest using individual falsies. They don’t look overdone, and give you more leverage on how much or how little you want to apply.



You Better Stay Put!

Superstition says its good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, but we all hope the only water we encounter is tears of joy. To avoid any Marilyn Manson moments, waterproofing your wedding day make-up is a good idea. Here are a few products to consider:

  • Water-resistant mascara is a given. This is an absolute staple in any bride’s make-up kit. On any other day I can’t stand the stuff, but it’s a wedding day must!
  • DuWop Pure Venom Lip StainLip Stains will ensure that your lip color stays through the ceremony kiss, drinks during cocktail hour and cake during the reception. A great one is the Duwop Pure Venom Lip Stain.
  • Using make-up primers will help create a smooth canvas and guarantee the wear for your make-up. Foundation primers will even out your skin tone allowing your foundation to apply easier and also help absorb any excess oil. Shadow primers prevent any creasing or fading to give your eye-shadow the ultimate staying power. Colorescience has some great foundation primers and Elizabeth Arden makes a fantastic eye shadow primer.
  • You will want to top it all off with a Finishing spray. This will seal the deal and extend your make-up for hours and resist any melting in hot or humid weather.

The most important thing above all is to relax and be you. This is a day to celebrate a marriage and enjoy being with your closest family and friends, you have nothing you need to prove to anyone. You can always take your queue from that fantastic couple on YouTube…remember this one?

Try to keep the day in perspective and have a sense a humor about whatever might go wrong, just laugh it off! So take a deep breath, it’s all going to go by faster than you can imagine.

Products featured in this article: Lash Longer Fuller Lusher, TALIKA Lash Extender , Duwop Pure Venom Lip Stain, Colorescience, Elizabeth Arden.

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