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New Year, New Look!

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Too Faced the Return of Sexy2014 is here and many of us are looking for a fresh new start! Too Faced the Return of Sexy is the perfect eye shadow palette to get your new look rolling! This eye palette has everything you need to create limitless looks all year long. With 15 stunning eye colors, a full size waterproof liner and deluxe size shadow primer and 3 signature how to Glamour Guides you’ll surely be inspired! Whether you’re looking for the perfect smokey eye for a fun night out or an office friendly day look this palette has got you covered!

Classic Beauty Tips

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Classic beauty withstands the test of time. Starlets like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana all share a common grace and elegance. Images of them today remain as iconic and in style as ever before. Idealized for their beauty, we can follow their lead, incorporating effortless style into our own daily make-up regimen.

Timeless make-up is youthful and fresh. Try to avoid colors that are either too bright or too dark and steer clear of outlandish trends. Neutral colors that enhance your natural skin tone are best.

Face: The right foundation lays the groundwork for a timeless look. First, prime and prep the skin. Make-up goes on smoother and lasts longer when you apply a moisturizer and make-up primer. Moisturizer hydrates and plumps the skin, while a primer camouflages large pores and imperfections. Keep in mind, less is more with foundation. Apply foundation sparingly, while paying special attention to areas that need more coverage and blend outward. For liquid foundation users, set with a translucent powder for long lasting coverage.

Eyes: The trick is to play up the natural shape and color of your eyes. Neutral shades of beige, gray, brown, gold, champagne, pale pink, mauve, and plum are best. Start by applying a light to medium shade of beige, nude, champagne, or pink as the all over base color. Next, accentuate the crease and outer corner of the eye with a darker shade. A medium gray, brown, or plum that is two to three shades darker than the base color creates perfect definition. Lastly, add highlight just below the brow and to the inside corner of the eye. A very light nude, white, or pale pink with a hint of iridescence works beautifully.

Next, accentuate the shape of your eyes by lining the top eyelid following closely along the lash line with a dark brown, gray or black liner. Leave the bottom eye unlined for a fresh faced look or line sparingly from the bottom inside corner of the eye and darken in color towards the outside corner of the eye. This draws more attention to the outside corners of the eyes, making eyes appear larger. Finish off the eyes with a few coats of dark brown or black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Insider tip: Black liner and mascara will make the whites of your eyes whiter and brightens tired eyes.

Cheeks: Often disregarded, yet one of the simplest ways to brighten your complexion is by applying blush. A rosy flush gives cheeks a youthful healthy glow. Select a color that matches your natural flush or if you were to pinch your cheeks. Sweep the color from the apples of the cheeks towards your hairline. Remember to build the color gradually, to avoid applying too much.

Insider tip: To slim the face blend a contour color to the hollows of your cheeks, just below the cheekbone. Select a matte bronzer or powder foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Finish with a touch of highlighting powder on the top of the cheekbone for added pop.

Lips: Lip color should enhance and brighten your natural tone. The key is to pick a color that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip color. To create fullness, line your lips with a lip liner that matches or is slightly darker than your lip color. For added dimension add a bit of gloss in a lighter shade to the center of your pout.

Brows: Polish off your timeless daytime look by grooming your brows. Fill in with a neutral toned brow pencil that matches your natural hair color. Start from the head of the brow using light feathery strokes as you make your way towards the arch and tail of the brow. Next, define the shape of your brows by tweezing stray hairs. Lastly, apply a clear brow gel to set your hairs in place.

Insider tip: Tweezing too many hairs at once can leave holes or gaps in the brow. For better precision, use tweezers with a slanted tip for tweezing one hair at a time.

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Hot Product: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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I know you probably have a million things in your makeup case. But do you have an eyeshadow primer? If the answer is no, then we strongly suggest that you get one! Why? Because if you have 600 different shadows and pigments in your makeup collection but don’t have a primer then chances are those eyeshadows are not living their ‘lives’ to the fullest.

An eyeshadow primer will set your eyeshadow and allow for pigments to become much more saturated and visible on the lid, therefore you’ll need less shadow, therefore… you’ll spend less time and less effort packing on the color! And what’s more; an eyeshadow primer will prevent creasing and fading through the day AND it’ll help to conceal any initial redness or veins on your lids- so you can skip the concealer!

Our favorite (and best selling- seriously sells like hot cakes) is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Check out this video for more info on our choice:

Beautiful Lashes, Colorful Eyes

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Today there are a number of pricy lash enhancers on the market, but few can compare on price, versatility and fun against the Line n Grow Lash Lengthening Tinted Eyeliner. The Line n Grow product line at has beautiful color offering such as Midnight Blue, Eggplant, Olive and even Clear for use at night.

To use the colored daytime formulas apply the Line n Grow to your lash line as you would any other eye liner then apply your other makeup as you normally would once the Line n Grow dries. The results from this all natural non-toxic eyelash enhancer are a noticeable improved appearance of your otherwise damaged or short lashes. Your lashes will look healthier and you will feel better about this paraben free, mineral oil free, certified vegan product. In addition, this product is also cruelty free!

To find out all of the benefits of the Line n Grow line, check it out at!

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Feeling Peachy!

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Do you ever have days that you’re just feeling dull or down? We all do but there is a quick fix to solve your beauty blues… bright and peachy makeup! A little dab of this here and a dab of that there. Here are some saviors to any down days and ways to feel radiant.

They say the windows of the soul are the eyes. Why not give attention to those beauties and make them stand out. We want bright and glowing! Color that screams we feel alive and are full of sunshine. Peach Sherbet for lighter skin tones or Supernova for darker skin tones from the Jane Iredale eye shadow collection are great choices. For a more universal shade, I suggest Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten. Depending on how vibrant you want the color you can blend out until you reach your desired color.

The next step is to make those apples on the tops of the cheeks pop. A natural blushing is best created by peachy pink shades. To achieve that perfect color, I suggest colors such as Laughter from bareMinerals or Too Faced Full Bloom Cheek Ultra Flush Blush Who’s Your Poppy.

Lastly, all you need is a little bit of lush on the lips and you’ll look re-vamped in no time! You don’t really need much color but just a bit of a goldish-peach shimmer to make those lips come alive. You can try shades like Soft Peach PureGloss by Jane Iredale, Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot or even bareMinerals Bianca Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish.

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How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye With Stila

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Retro makeup looks are in full swing. The cat eye is at the pinnacle of this major trend. This is a gorgeous, fun, and flirty look that is complimentary on every eye and face shape. Achieving it however can be slightly challenging so here are a few sure-fire tips to get the cat eye you desire all on your own.

  1. First you need a quick drying liquid liner pen. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is ideal for this look as it dries in seconds and doesn’t flake or crack. (If you choose  to wear false lashes this eyeliner is perfect, as it is waterproof so it won’t smear from the lash glue).
  2. Starting from the inner corner of your eye make a thin line across your lash line. Do not pull your eyelid taut as this can make the line uneven.
  3. At the end of your lash line make a thin line upward that has a slight angle, similar to a check mark.
  4. Now slightly build the line upward at the point where the line meets the lash line. Build it to the thickness that is desired or add width to the liner at lash line for an extra retro look.

Finish off with a matte red lip for ultra sexy pin up glamour!

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Smokey Eyes with Philosophy

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If you’re looking for an easy and chic smoky eye that transitions well from day to night and from summer to fall then Philosophy Supernatural Eye Palettes have got you covered. Our favorite shade collection is Supernatural Eye Palettes Box of Truffles, featuring three perfect shades of silky mineral powders for lid, crease, and shimmer, plus a long-wearing wet-to-dry powder liner for line definition.

The perfect and classy eye requires four minutes. Follow our four easy steps for fool proof beauty:

1. Apply the lightest shade (Latte) all over your lid all the way up to the brow to create a smooth and even canvas.

2. Apply the next darkest shade (Mocha) all over the upper lid, and apply a bit to the lower lash line to give the eyes an almond shape.

3. With a blending brush apply Cocoa to the crease in a light sweeping motion, extending the crease just outside the eyelid and drawing a ‘V’ shape to connect with the bottom lid. Add just a bit of Cocoa to the outer corners of the lower lash line to intensify the look.

4. With a stiff liner brush use the darkest shade (Chocolate) to line the upper lash line, extending the tip into a wing for a touch of glamour.

If you want to take your sassy look into a sultry evening eye swap the Mocha shade for the Cocoa, a deeper brown all over the lid will add drama and elegance.

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Pretty Plum for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day look that’s not a generic smoky eye or a classic red lip, but something rather fresh, new and exciting then we recommend Stila’s Pretty Plum Look for a night out with your hubby, new crush, or the girls. This look is versatile, it’s great for all ages, ethnicities and skin types and it’s easy to create, even if you’re not a pro makeup artist!

Our favorite Stila cutie, Sarah Lucero, shows you how here:

What’s your favorite make-up look for Valentines Day?! We’d love to hear all about it- or you can post a photo to our facebook page!

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A Smokey Eye Tutorial With Too Faced

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Sometimes, it can be just so easy to go from the office into the glamorous night with your makeup. All you need is variety and a little influence from some great assistants. I’ve got just the friend to help you! Meet;  Smoky Eye Palette from Too Faced! While there are great neutral shades you can use during your busy day time schedule, there are also great shades to bring out the vixen in you. This palette even goes beyond to provide a few hidden step by step application cards to educate your application imagination. The cards will give you the instructions to create different smoky eye color combinations for a sizzling finish! Just watch this video to see how easy it really is to let this Smoky Eye Palette guide you:

Quick Tip: Luscious Lashes

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Long, dark, full lashes are on the wish list of most women, and achieving that look is easier than ever with Fusion Beauty! LashFusionXL is a mascara formula that is creamy, rich and has much more to offer than a typical mascara.

The wand holds a large non-clumping brush that coats every single lash to ensure a sexy, dramatic look with only one application. The specialized formula is set in a time released method that allows the stimulating proteins and protective keratin to nourish the lashes while amplifying the length and adding strength. This mascara also contains natural emollients to keep the lashes from becoming brittle and dry and giving you more beautiful, youthful lashes even after you take it off. Now you’re on your way to va-va voom lashes!

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