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The Benefits of Red Tea

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We always hear about the benefits of green tea in skin care as a powerful antioxidant, but what about red tea? Some of us may drink red tea, but what are the benefits when used in our skin care products?


Research suggests that red tea has two times the antioxidant benefits of green tea. It can protect the skin against environmental damage and free radicals. Red tea is said to contain more antioxidant properties then Vitamin C, and E. Researchers have also found that red tea contains 9 types of flavonoids, 5 of which are free-radical scavengers. Red tea can reduce bacteria and inflammation, making it a great treatment for acneic skin. carries a few product lines in particular that are known for using red tea as a key component in their products. Ole Henriksen has quite a few products that are formulated with African red tea. African red tea will strengthen the skin’s outer layer, soothe the skin, and can slow down the aging process. Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser was named the best natural cleanser at the Natural Health Beauty Awards in 2009.


Glytone also has a few new anti-aging products that are formulated with red tea flavonoids. Their research has shown that red tea has 30% more free radical reduction than green tea. This new anti aging line by Glytone contains an exfoliating cream, facial serum and eye cream.


As more research is being done regarding Red Tea, companies like Glytone and Ole Henriksen are showing us how effective this anti-aging ingredient really is.


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Amazing Antioxidant Serum

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The Kerstin Florian Serum C Plus Infusion is among the newest products featured by Kerstin Florian in their correcting line. The correcting line is formulated with more active ingredients to address the common signs of aging. The Serum C Plus Infusion uses a combination of Vitamin C and grapefruit peel extract to lightly exfoliate and brighten the skin also aiding in the production of collagen.  This product contains Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate which is an amino-acid that helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and tissue fibers by repairing the skin. The serum also has a type of silicone oil called dimethicone which prevents water loss by putting a barrier on your skin. This is a great product for sun damaged and aging skin, or anyone who wants hydration and antioxidant protection. The serum formulation is oil free so it would be beneficial for all skin types.


We definitely give the Serum C Plus Infusion an A+!


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The Benefits of Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is a powerful little thing. It’s necessary for healthy eye function; our retina simply can not do without vitamin A. When vitamin A is converted into retinoic acid it functions like a growth factor for our cells. Vitamin A is also commonly known as retinol in dermatological use. Vitamin A is converted into a few different byproducts, and is commonly produced as retinyl acetate or palmitate.


Vitamin A is naturally found in many foods. Liver, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, eggs, milk, and many other foods are rich sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A, once absorbed by our body, is converted into the appropriate form and utilized by our bodily functions. Vitamin A plays a role in eye health, immune system health, gene transcription, antioxidant activity, and of course, skin health.


Vitamin A is very beneficial to the skin, so a diet rich in vitamin A abundant sources provides for healthy skin that’s firm, clear, radiant and resilient. Vitamin A, when applied topically (in retinol form) is very beneficial to the skin as well. Retinol is often used in the treatment of acne as it dramatically reduces the size and secretion of the sebaceous glands. It also helps to reduce inflammation and induces collagen production. As retinol induces collagen production it helps to firm and tone the skin, so aged skin will become more resistant to drooping and sagging. Retinol is an outstanding treatment for acne, enlarged or clogged pores, as well as prematurely aged skin. As retinol induces exfoliation and cell renewal it also assists in lightening hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration.

Here are some outstanding products that contain retinol and address acne and aging concerns:


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Anti-Aging Secrets of the French

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Ever wonder how the French stay so thin and it seems as if they are constantly indulging in high calorie and high fat diets? What’s the deal?!

Studies have shown that an ingredient called reservatrol may be culprit. Reservatrol comes from the skin of fermented grapes which also happens to be the main ingredient in red wine. This newbie has been put through the test and has come out proving some great results. For instance, an experiment was done with three groups of mice; the first group was put on a standard, everyday diet, the second group was put on a high fat high calorie diet and the third group was put on the same diet as the second group and additionally given reservatrol. The second group soon developed a shorten life span due to diabetes and heart disease. The third group of mice not only lived 30% longer but also showed no signs of heart disease or diabetes and was much livelier even through the later of their life. (The first group showed equal results as the third) The Resveratol has many anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits, but also tricks the body into restricting calories from being consumed; in return preventing absorption of unwanted fat and protecting the skin from environmental damage. Red wine here I come!

Truthfully, the best way to achieve the benefits of reservatrol is taking it in a pill form and topically is the next best. Caudalie Paris carries products that offer a great source of reservatrol; their most popular is Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum. Although enjoying one glass for red wine per night does have its benefits, drinking the whole bottle won’t, too much alcohol will counteract the benefits and dehydrate the skin.

So remember, do as the French and partake in a glass of wine at dinner and don’t do as the Irish. Au revoir!

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Stepping Into Science with SkinMedica TNS

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Are you looking for a revolutionary anti-aging product; a product that is clinically proven to give results? The search for this kind of product is usually one of which is ongoing, however help is on the way with SkinMedica products. By great customer reviews and support, SkinMedica has definitely stepped up the game with their potent products in the TNS line.


The TNS Recovery Complex is a leader when it comes to addressing multiple skin care concerns. For many people these days time is short, this could be just what the doctor ordered! As with all of the products in the TNS line, the Recovery Complex contains NouriCel- MD. It is a research based cosmetic ingredient discovered through wound healing, composed of natural human growth factors, soluble collagen, matrix proteins and antioxidants. It is the natural human growth factors included in that potent blend which play a very important role in mimicking the skin’s natural renewal process. With consistent use of this Recovery Complex you can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age spots and hyperpigmentation, improve skin firmness & texture, and treat photodamage. The product has a light serum texture which melts into your skin and can be used in conjunction with other treatment products. You would usually apply this product after you cleanse and tone with any further products applied after. The product can be used with retinol, but must be applied before your retinol with time to set in afterwards. If you are using a product containing hydroquinone, you would apply the Recovery Complex after the hydroquinone with time in between the two products to let each settle.


As if the TNS Recovery Complex doesn’t have enough to offer, SkinMedica has also introduced another breakthrough product; The TNS Essential Serum. It’s not only the NouriCel- MD but also includes a second chamber consisting of APS Corrective Complex. This second chamber, APS Corrective Complex, contains a combination of potent antioxidants including vitamin e, vitamin c, and green tea; as well as peptides and other essential anti-aging ingredients. The APS Complex will help lighten/brighten age spots, protect the skin from environmental damage, tighten and smooth skin and also strengthen the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself. If your skin is on the sensitive side then we suggest using the Essential Serum since it contains vitamin e to help soothe the skin. The same rules would apply in application of the Essential Serum as in the Recovery Complex. So if you are ready for the ultimate in muti-benefit products then we say hurry and take a look into experimenting with either of these products. You may be quite surprised with the results you receive and from the fountain you apply from.


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10 Food Facts for Healthy Skin

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These are just a few tips to have healthy glowing skin for the new season ahead!


  1. Pull your sweet tooth. A lot of dermatologists agree that foods high in sugar result in low skin self esteem. When you cram your body with sugar, it causes the cells to breakdown in your body and this will over time make them less resilient and more prone to getting wrinkles and will dry out your skin. Yet another reason to stay away from candy. We just can’t win, can we?

  3. You can have healthy fats. Yes I said healthy fats. These are foods rich in Omega 3 or Omega 6 like avocados, fish, and nuts. You can improve the overall health of your skin by keeping it soft and supple. As an alternative you can take omega dietary supplements such as flaxseed, fish oil, or evening primrose oil if you do not want all the extra calories.

  5. Cut down on caffeinated drinks. This means sodas, energy drinks, and yes coffee! Caffeine dehydrates you; this means you can get a dry dull complexion if you continue to intake caffeine in excessive amounts. Try decaf coffee, green tea, or sodas. You will still get the flavor, but won’t deplete your skin of its much needed vitamins and minerals.

  7. Try some jolly greens. This goes for us adults too! Dark green leafy vegetables are super antioxidant rich with Vitamins A, B and E. This is a must have that our skin requires to sustain an overall wellbeing and obtain that healthy glow we all want. You may also want to add some artichokes, beans, and colorful vegetables to your salad. These are rich in silica which is a mineral that strengthens the body’s connective tissues such as collagen. If you are not a huge veggie eater try the Boscia Antioxidant Vegetable Therapy supplements. You can get your fill of 15 vegetables and herbs your body needs to stay and look healthy, without having to chew one bite.

  9. Drink your water. This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised. It is recommended that you drink about a half gallon of pure water a day, which is about eight glasses. This will ensure that you are moving out the toxins in your body and hydrating your skin at the same time.

  11. Try some wholesome grains. Whole grains are a friendly diet and skin alternative to bleached white grains. Whole wheat contains a mineral called selenium that will protect your skin’s cells and prevent further damage from occurring. Selenium is also found in fish, red meat, eggs, and garlic.
  12. Say no to that extra cocktail. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and skin. This will result in a dull, dreary, and sometimes reddened complexion. You may think twice about celebrating with friends over a large number of cocktails.

  14. Add some berries to your diet. Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums are high in antioxidants. These little colorful sweet morsels will actually protect our skin from free radical damage, so enjoy.

  16. Try Low-Fat Dairy Products. Dairy products that are low in fat are high in vitamin A. Experts agree that a diet rich in vitamin A will ensure that you will have healthy skin cells, which will give your complexion a boost and maybe even a slimmer waist line.

  18. Eat healthy oils. These will help hydrate and keep your skin lubricated. You should look for oils that are labeled cold-pressed or expeller process. This will guarantee that you are getting all of the benefits of the nutrients because the oils are less processed this way. When selecting olive oils, extra virgin would be the best choice. While healthy oils are essential, you should limit your intake to about two tablespoons per day.

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You Are What You Eat

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Health radiates from within. And no matter how much your face cream costs, it’s not going to make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin UNLESS you support your skin from the inside out with a healthy diet as well. So, in addition to loading up your shopping bag with delightful goodies, fill up your grocery cart with delicious foodies for healthy, radiant skin.


Salmon – The renowned Dr.Perricone loves his wild Alaskan salmon, and he knows a thing or two about skincare, and we agree that salmon should be a staple in your menu. The Omega-3 content in this delicious fish has immense anti-inflammatory benefits and is loaded with antioxidants.


Walnuts – Potent in protective antioxidants and also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a handful of walnuts per day will keep your skin smooth and toned for years to come.


Probiotic rich foods – Try yogurt, kefir or kombucha. While milk and other dairy products may make you feel bloated and queasy and have been touted to cause breakouts, probiotic-rich dairy foods like yogurt are loaded with healthy little bacteria that do a great deal for your skin without icky side-effects. Try natural fruit juice, like pomegranate mixed into kefir, or walnuts in your yogurt for a satisfying, healthy snack. Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s rich in antioxidants and probiotics, and is a refreshing effervescent drink that’s great anytime.


Green tea – Sip on green tea to reap the benefits of polyphenols and antioxidants that ward off aging by preventing oxidative stress in your cells. Green tea is delicious in the winter when served hot, and yummy when iced in the summer. Adding lemon to your green tea not only improves the taste but also boosts the tea’s potency.


Veggies, fruities, leafies – Vegetables are great for your overall health and your skin’s health as well. Sweet potatoes are chockfull of beta-carotene, spinach is loaded with lutein, and tomatoes are full of lycopene. Enjoy citrus-rich fruits. Rich in super-antioxidant vitamin C, citrus not only wards off colds but also helps to boost your skin’s glow. Eat oranges, kiwi fruits, and add lemon to your water and tea.


Chocolate – Cocoa-rich chocolate (try 60% cocoa or more) is full of antioxidants and promotes circulation. Who knew that something so delicious could be so good for you!?


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How To Look Good When You Don’t Feel Good

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It’s hard to muster up the energy to get ready for work when you feel like you have been hit by a truck …or two. So what to do when you’re tempted to go to work in your pajamas and you know that’s a bad idea? Try adding these energizing additions into your routine to start your day on the right foot.


First, you will want to channel your sleeping beauty. Go to bed early and get as much rest as possible. Using a humidifier is a great idea to prevent a dry, scratchy throat.


Next, wake up and take a shower using any type of invigorating, energizing shower gel, like Molton Brown Energizing Seamoss Bath & Shower. This aromatic pick-me-up will awaken your senses and banish stress and fatigue in an instant.


Once it’s time to wash your face try using the Phytomer Marine Breeze (Souffle Marin) Energizing Oxygenating Serum to get rid of a sickly, sallow complexion. Follow with a bronzing moisturizer to bring natural looking color to your face. Yonka Bonne Mine Tinted Antioxidant Bronzer Moist contains antioxidants for an added bonus!


Eat a good breakfast and remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. You can add Pure Inventions Green Tea – Tropical to provide yourself with additional antioxidants that promote energy and healthy looking skin.


Life doesn’t always tend to accommodate your schedule when you need time to take care of yourself. The sooner you find time to rest, the sooner your body will be able to heal itself. So listen to doctor’s orders if told to stay home; your co-workers will probably thank you.


Products featured in this article: Molton Brown Energizing Seamoss Bath & Shower, Phytomer Marine Breeze (Souffle Marin) Energizing Oxygenating Serum, Yonka Bonne Mine Tinted Antioxidant Bronzer Moist, Pure Inventions Green Tea – Tropical.


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Antioxidants: What are they all about anyway?

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We hear a lot about this topic, but do we really know the importance of these powerful substances and the role antioxidants play in the world of skin care? We know the word antioxidant sounds good when we look at the ingredients in a product, but do we really know what they are doing in our products and how we benefit from them? Antioxidants are found in many foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. But what antioxidants are in our skin care products and why?


Some of the most common antioxidants are Vitamins A, (Retinol) C, (L-ascorbic acid) E (Tocopherols) and green tea. These powerful antioxidants are believed to play a major role in preventing cancer, strokes, and heart disease. It only seems logical that when applied topically, these same antioxidants would be beneficial for our skin. When antioxidants are put in skin care, they help to fight the free radicals that have been known to damage our skin and cause pre mature aging. Antioxidants actually help to repair tissue damage. You may have heard of the analogy that explains antioxidants by using fruit as an example. Have you ever noticed that soon after you open a banana or bite into an apple, the fruit will go dark and brown? This process occurs when the air oxidizes the fruit, causing it to wilt and change color. When antioxidants are in place they will help to fight this damage from occurring. A good example of an antioxidant is a lemon. You can use lemons to preserve fruits and vegetables, preventing them from becoming stale and brown. Antioxidants will protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals. They are called free radical scavengers, because they fight off pollutants, sun damage, and help your body stay healthy.


Some other examples of antioxidants are alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin B. You can find these ingredients in many of the products we carry here at  It is important to educate yourself on these powerful antioxidants and what they can do for you. CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10 is actually present in our bodies and it helps the cells in our bodies produce more energy. So you are probably wondering what benefits this antioxidant will have when it is in your skin care right? CoQ10 is considered fairly new to the skin care industry, yet it has been studied and researched for years. While this antioxidant is a naturally occurring antioxidant in our bodies, sometimes the levels can be lower for certain people. This includes people who are stressed, on medications, or who have aging skin.  If you are over the age of 30 chances are your levels are below optimum, so it would be beneficial to use a product that contains this powerful antioxidant. It has been known to speed up skin repair and will help the cells regenerate more quickly, thus reducing free radical damage. CoQ10 has also been effective in naturally stimulating collagen production in the skin.  Because of its small molecular structure, it can penetrate into your skin very effectively. It is also beneficial to take this antioxidant in a supplement form for optimum benefits.


One example of a product containing CoQ10 that we carry is the Osmotics Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum. This serum also contains Vitamins A, E, and D. This product is beneficial in treating fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and blotchy skin. If you are looking for a vitamin supplement that contains CoQ10 we suggest Murad Wet Suit Cell Hydrating Dietary Supplement. These supplements also contain Vitamin E, zinc, and copper, to protect your skin from the inside out.


Another antioxidant that deserves an explanation is alpha-lipoic acid or ALA. It is an antioxidant that our bodies produce naturally, but only in small amounts. This antioxidant in some cases has reduced wrinkles. It is less irritating than Retin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, so even people with sensitive or delicate skin can find ALA beneficial. A proponent of ALA is Dr. Perricone. He offers Alpha Lipoic Capsules that help to neutralize free radicals and protect against cell damage.  You can also find ALA in a variety of his cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. If you are looking for powerful antioxidant supplements in a drinkable form, you may want to consider Pure Inventions products. Developed by certified clinical nutritionists Pure Inventions offers an assortment of green tea extracts to add hydration, help with stress and relaxation and even appetite suppression. They contain green tea, acai berry, and polyphenols to help support a healthy immune system.


A lot of skin care companies are becoming more educated on giving us what we deserve in a skin care product. It is important to ask questions and do the research when finding the right products. When we are informed about what is in our skin care products, we can make a more accurate choice when it comes to our skin care needs and concerns. It is always best to consult with your health care provider before starting a new vitamin or supplement program.


Products featured in this article: Osmotics Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum, Murad Wet Suit Cell Hydrating Dietary Supplement, Perricone MD Alpha Lipoic Capsules , Pure Inventions.


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Peptides: What are they and why are they important?

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Peptides: What are they and why are they important?Peptides are a fairly new buzz word in the skincare industry, but peptides have been around since the beginning of time. So, what are peptides? What is their purpose? Do you need peptides in your regimen?


Peptides are chains of amino acids that are building blocks of tiny molecules. The peptide molecules are the basic building blocks of proteins. There are many different types of peptides that can be found in our body, and they all have their own special purpose. Some work as neurotransmitters, others as pain relievers and some are even associated with hormones. There are a few different peptides that relate to our skin and that can be found in skincare products, some of which are palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, acetyl hexapeptide-3, palmitoyl oligopeptide and copper peptides.

 Kinerase Pro Therapy C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 is also known as Matrixyl, and works to stimulate the production of collagen at the deeper layers of the skin while promoting skin strength and helping for the skin to heal quickly. Acetyl hexapeptide-3, also known as Argireline, is an alternative to Botox as it helps to relax facial lines and wrinkles. Palmitoyl oligopeptide is similar to Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 as it also helps to promote the production of collagen at the deeper layers of the skin. Copper peptides contain a bit of copper in the peptide chain, which helps to promote skin regeneration and healing, thus making the skin stronger.


Celazome N°45 Firming Peptide CreamPeptides are best used in combination with each other, and in addition to other active ingredients. Some peptides, such as the Acetyl hexapeptide-3 work beautifully with vitamin C. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 and palmitoyl oligopeptide are similar in their chemical structure so they make a very powerful combination for zapping lines and wrinkles.


Peptides are of utmost importance in a comprehensive skincare regimen, just as important as antioxidants, sunscreen and moisturizer, especially for those concerned with correcting and preventing aging. Regular use of peptides will result in firm, even-toned, lineless skin.


Here are some great products that contain peptides:


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