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SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex is currently on SkinStore’s “What’s Hot” list.  But why is it such a hot product and what is all the attention about?  SkinMedica was founded by highly revered dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick. Dr. Fitzpatrick was involved in the development of several medical devices including medical lasers.  His interest in helping customers reverse the signs of aging has driven him to develop a line of skin care products like no other.

Unlike most other products on the market that condition, pamper and nurture your skin, SkinMedica’s TNS line uses growth factors, naturally occurring proteins, capable of stimulating cellular growth.  TNS Recovery Complex contains 110 growth factors, Antioxidants, and Matrix Proteins.  With these key ingredients TNS Recovery Complex strengthens your skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself!  Instead of a product that just sits and conditions the surface of the skin the growth factors bind to the skin cells to stimulate rejuvenation!

After a three month study 44% of TNS Essential Serum users saw a reduction in coarse wrinkles, up to 37% saw reduction in fine wrinkles, up to 25% saw improvement in skin tone, and 100% reported an improvement in textural smoothness!

Don’t just take our word for it go to our website and read the reviews where 10 customers have given this amazing product a 5 STAR RATING!!!  Order your SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex now and have all your friends guessing how you turn back the hands of time!

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