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Judging product results can be very tricky. How do you know the product you purchased is working for you? How can you tell if the product is doing what it claims? How can you be sure you even purchased the correct product for the skin concern you have?


It is very important to start at the beginning and write down a list of what skin concerns you have. I would suggest a list of top ten or five concerns arranged from highest to least importance. Identify what concerns need the most attention to detail and start there.


Before you go any further be aware that you need to be using (at the bare minimum) a cleanser, toner and moisturizer (in that order). Using one product alone and not using any other skincare products will limit the effectiveness and results of that one product.


Many times customers with aged or acneic skin call in with concerns about their skin feeling dry, tight or peeling after having used a retinol based product. Upon further consultation I usually find that customers are using the correct product, but the retinol level may be too high. Some brands offer retinol in graduating levels. Unfortunately sometimes in haste we may choose the most potent level thinking it will give us the best or quickest results. In fact retinol products that have graduating levels are designed for you to use them at the lower level first. You can then graduate upwards once your skin has adjusted. You can stop increasing the potency level once you find a level that works for you. Also retinol based products do cause a certain level of drying and peeling.


Be sure to give the product time to work. Ordering a product to address your skin concerns and using it for a few days or a week or two may not be enough time. You may need to use the product(s) for 4-6 weeks before you see noticeable results. Set up a skincare regimen through your esthetician or dermatologist and stick to it.


Finally, set realistic goals and expectations. Thirty years of neglecting to use sunscreen and prolonged sun exposure throughout your early years will not be corrected with one jar of the latest skin care cream in one month! Have someone take a photograph of your face and neck area before you begin to treat that area. Take another photograph at the end of each week. At the end of that four to six week period then compare your first week and last week photos and judge the results.


As always if you are uncertain what products to use you can contact us and we would be happy to help design a skin care regimen for you!


You can also get your own personal consultation now at SkinStore with Product Advisor, developed by our estheticians!


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