Common Acne Myths

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Each of us at some point in our lifetime has had to deal with the trauma of acne and breakouts. They happen in the most conspicuous area, our face, and occur at the most convenient times, like just before a date or special photograph opportunity!


Most men experience acne at an earlier age, early to late teens, whereas most women begin to experience acne in their late teens to early twenties. There are infinite rumors about what causes breakouts, how to prevent them, and how to treat them, not to mention the unlimited amount of over the counter, department store and prescription treatment products. Ughhhhh! Where to begin?


Here are some myths and facts about acne and break outs:

  • Oily skin is caused by eating junk food, chocolate and bad hygiene…. MYTH!

Oily skin can be the result of several factors such as environment, stress, hormones, and especially the products you do or do not use on your skin.

  • Squeezing pimples or popping zits helps to clear out your clogged pore and promote healing… MYTH!

Squeezing your skin to force out any calcification (pimple) or pus (zit/pustule) can actually cause the material inside your pore to spread and cause more break outs!

  • Placing a clean, warm, moist towel on your face prior to cleansing can help open your pores and promote deep cleansing and exfoliation… FACT!

Using a warm moist towel can not only be relaxing but can open your pores allowing you to remove more dead skin cells and clear out dirt and oil particles clogging your pores.

  • After cleansing your skin, don’t apply any moisturizer.  You’re skin is already oily enough… MYTH!

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in complexion healing.  Cleansing our skin can remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil; however not using a moisturizer afterward can leave your skin dry and tight.  Your body reacts by releasing more oil from your sebaceous glands.  The result is more oily skin than you started out with, more clogged pores and more break outs!  A good moisturizer for oily or acneic skin rehydrates the skin without excess oil.

  • Using products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can help exfoliate dead skin cells and kill bacteria in clogged pores… FACT!

Benzoyl Peroxide can have a drying effect though so be sure to use your moisturizer.

  • Sitting in the sun can kill the bacteria in your skin and promote a clearer complexion… MYTH!

Exposure to the sun and its UVA and UVB rays can actually cause your recently healed skin cells to damage and cause sun spots and acne scarring.


Now that you’re informed, put your good knowledge to use.  Remember anytime you start a new skin care regimen or new product line always follow manufacturer directions and give the products a few weeks before you judge the results!


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