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Light therapy is something that has been around in the beauty world for quite some time now. I always get a kick out of watching the 1939 movie “The Women” starring Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer. (Some of us remember images of Joan Crawford with a green cold cream mask on, YIKES!) In the movie you see what the glamorous day spas for women were like during that era, and all the bizarre treatments and beauty devices; one of those including light therapy.

Typical light therapy from decades ago would involve giving a client a relaxing facial followed by either oils, creams, or masks and the use of either a white, blue, or red lamp depending on the skin type and desired result. Clients would typically relax on the spa bed for several minutes allowing the product and light to penetrate.

OH HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED! The light therapy used today is an entirely new era of advanced technology. Comparing the old school light therapy lamps to the technology used in the Baby Quasars is like comparing apples to oranges.

The Baby Quasar utilizes the latest technology with specific wavelengths of infrared and natural light energy to stimulate skin cells. The Baby Quasar Red uses light to stimulate blood flow, cellular metabolism, and collagen production. The Baby Quasar Blue uses light to kill acne bacteria deep within the pores. When the Baby Quasar Red and Baby Quasar Blue are used in combination, clinical studies have shown an even greater benefit in treating inflammatory acne.

Ongoing use of the Baby Quasar Red and Baby Quasar Blue can help to reduce acne breakouts and inflammation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, increase blood flow and circulation, replace damage skin cells over time, and accelerate your skin’s deep healing.

For years and years I have been plagued with ongoing spurts of acne breakouts at the base of my hairline. The technical term is Scalp Folliculitis. They come and go, and no matter what products or treatments I have tried nothing seems to work. We recently completed training with a Baby Quasar representative and we were fortunate enough to have a Baby Quasar Power Pack to use. After just 5 treatments I have seen a significant
reduction in breakouts and the areas of skin that had deep inflammation are now healing!

The Baby Quasar products are a revolutionary break through in skin care technology. I know once you purchase a Baby Quasar Power Pack and begin your new regimen, you will be hooked!

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