A Man’s Guide to Mother’s Day

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As men we can do the worst things with the best of intentions. Bless our hearts!  How many times have we found ourselves in a pot of hot water when we bought something for that special lady in our life, only to step on some toes, hurt some feelings and offend?


As often as we may hear the ladies in our lives share their concerns about watching their figure or feeling overweight, the LAST thing to do is to go out and buy her an exercise video, cardio equipment or membership to a gym!  Even if she mentioned she wanted these things, getting one of those items from the man in her life, translates to “I think you’re overweight”. Definitely NOT the message we intended, but certainly the message received.


What can we learn from this and what does this have to do with buying a gift for your mother, or the mother of your children?  When I worked at an upscale cosmetic store I can’t tell you how many men came in for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.


Asking, “I need a gift, what’s the hottest new fragrance?”  Or “What are all the ladies wearing?”  My advice to them was simple, if you want to buy her some perfume and you don’t know what she likes, get a small basket with some bath oils, bubble bath, body bars (stocking stuffers) and get her a gift card to go with it.


Wrap the gifts and pick out a nice card.  Write a special message in the card to her.  Let her know you wanted to her to be able to go to the store and pick out anything (maybe perfume) that she wants.  Two points to be earned:


  1. A gift basket with some small items will show that you at least put some thought and effort into a gift and didn’t just buy a gift card with no thought at all.
  2. Getting her a gift certificate will avoid you picking the wrong fragrance.  Nothing worse than having the lady in your life give you “that stare and tell you this isn’t the fragrance she wears!  That translates to “You don’t really know me!”


Does this mean that every gift should be perfume?  Does this mean you should run out and buy a gift basket and gift card?  Absolutely not!  It means, before you buy something for that special lady, stop and think what message it sends to the one you love!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.


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