Makeup Tips for 40 Plus!

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Ladies strive to look their best when they apply their makeup. Beauty enhancements that improve your looks hide flaws and increase your self confidence. But what looked good on us at one time doesn’t always look flattering years later.

Here are some suggestions and tips on things to avoid as we approach 40 and beyond:

1. Dark eyeliner using liquid liner or pencils above your lash line: While this may look great in our younger years, as our eyelids age and we experience crepiness on our lid, hard lines from liners can call more attention to the fact that we no longer have tight skin around our eyelids. Instead consider using a lighter shade and apply a shadow to the base of your lash line and blend upward. The smoother line will help conceal the crepiness and blending upward draws less attention to sagging lids!

2. Dark eyeliner or eye shadow below your lower lash line: While this may have been all the rage during your night club days it’s just not the best thing for someone with lines. Instead consider keeping the area under your lower lash line neutral. Try adding some mascara to your lower lashes and even lining the inside of your lower eyelid with a white or light tan liner.

3. Staying true to one color scheme: Color schemes come and go. Colors that looked flattering on us in our younger years may not be in style now and can make you look outdated. Try picking up the latest edition of a glamour or fashion magazine and make note of what colors are in season and can freshen up your look.

4. Bronzers, glitters & sparkles: Using heavy bronzers, lots of glitter and sparkle can send out the message, “I’m desperate to look younger!” Try enhancing your look with just a touch of fun sparkle and shimmer. Remember a little bit of bling goes a long way… don’t overdo it!

5. Dark lip colors: While deep dark ruby red lip colors may have defined the Hollywood Glamour era and those colors are making a retro come back for gals in their twenties, using dark colors on your lips later in life can draw attention to aged hollow lips, lines around the lip area and project an overall dark unfriendly tone. Instead consider using a lighter, neutral shade of lip color and a little bit of lip gloss.

6. Too much makeup: Invest in a good quality foundation that meets your coverage needs without going overboard. Even out your skin tone, but remember…Less Is More!

7. Dry skin: Using makeup on dry or dehydrated skin can cause problems blending your makeup, call attention to dry flakes of skin and exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles! Using an oil free moisturizer or oil free makeup primer before can create a much more hydrated and  smooth surface. I suggest a something with dimethicone to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and give you a soft silky texture!

8. Outdated Eyebrows: While most ladies take the time to tweeze their brows or get their brows waxed we need to remember with age all things start moving south! Try reshaping your brows lifting them up a little higher than usual and adjusting your arch a bit higher. A skilled esthetician knows how to do this!

So what are your do’s and don’ts for 40’s, 50’s and beyond?!

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