Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Cleaning your makeup brushes is a chore. If you have a lot of brushes (like, yours truly) it can be pretty time consuming. It can also take up a fair amount of bathroom counter space as well. None the less, it must be done. Makeup brushes can hold bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts, dermatitis, or even infection. I know you are asking yourself “How often should you wash them?” Well, you should wash the brushes you use to apply powder, blush or bronzer once a week and wash the brushes used on the eyes and lips after every other use. I love to clean mine with a clarifying shampoo. It gets the “gunk” out. After shampooing them you want to lay them flat on a clean dry towel to air dry. Once the brushes are dry, they feel silky and are clean as a whistle. You will even notice a difference in how easily the products just glide on.

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