7 Easy Wedding Make-Up Tips

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Wedding season is upon us and weddings are arguably the most important moment in most women’s lives. They are opportunities to make memories that will warm our hearts and last a lifetime. Of course there are always those disaster moments and horror stories we hear about. Although we can’t control everything that happens, here are some of my suggestions as a makeup artist on things to avoid when buying and using makeup for your wedding.

  1. Less is more! Remember this is your wedding, not high school prom! Try to keep things simple and don’t go overboard. Avoid harsh lip colors, heavy eye shadowing, glitters and shimmering bronzers.

  3. You get what you pay for! Your makeup doesn’t have to be expensive; there are bargains to be found! But as a rule of thumb the cheaper the product the lower the grade of ingredients…which means you’ll need more product to get the desired look…and that equates to that heavy caked on look…not good!

  5. Go classic! Times change and what may be in style today may be very out of style 10 or 20 years from now. You want to be able to look back on your wedding photo album and adore the pictures, instead of “OMG what were we thinking?” Choose shades of eye color, blush and shadow that are more neutral.

  7. Get a professional consultation when choosing your foundation. This will help you best match your color tone for the season. Avoid foundations that have a built in sunscreen like titanium dioxide. While these are great for everyday use, the titanium can reflect the light from a flash and give you a ghostly look in pictures!

  9. Eyes or lips, but not both! If you choose to go with a more bold (red) tone to your lipstick instead of a more neutral coral color, keep in mind you should avoid doing dramatic eyes and lips. Dramatic eyes and lips will call attention to your makeup, and not your overall look.  Be sure to use a lip liner first, and then lipstick color, then a neutral powder on top. This will help set your lip color so it doesn’t smudge when you kiss your man. Most lip glosses would not be a good idea since they will smear on those you kiss and create problems.

  11. Be sure you choose water-proof mascara! Your wedding is a day packed full of emotional moments and the last thing we want is the Tammy Faye Baker look!

  13. Schedule an appointment about a week before your wedding for a dress rehearsal on your hair style and makeup. Once again don’t go overboard. Work with your hairstylist to design a more classic elegant look.  Once you’re done with your hairstylist go to your makeup artist (or bring them to the salon) so you can do a dress rehearsal on your makeup as well. When you’re done take pictures from various angles. This will help you judge your final look from the view of a camera, and help your hairstylist and makeup artist remember exactly what you agreed on once that big day arrives!

Keep these simple tips in mind and your wedding day will certainly be a success!


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