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Winter Foot Care

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The winter season brings a host of skin concerns for many of us whether we spend our time outdoors in the cold or inside near the heater. Inside we are exposed to the drying heat of the heater that zaps the hydration out of your skin and outside we are exposed to searing cold which also works to dehydrate our skin very quickly (you’ve heard of freeze-dried?).

Dry cracked feet are a very common concern during the winter season, but what can you do? Esthetician’s answer this question all winter long. Proper foot care all year round is important to your overall health and we always suggest that you focus on hydration on all parts of your skin including your feet daily through all seasons.

To remove the old surface skin the B. Kamins Elbow, Knee and Foot Treatment is an excellent place to start. This product comes in a two part kit which is a polishing scrub and an exfoliating cream. To start you can use up to twice daily to help gently remove the dead skin on your feet. If you require a little more aggressive approach you can incorporate a Ceramic File, Callus Rasp or a Buffer for additional callus removal by controlled friction. I recommend that you exercise caution when using tools on your feet, never go too aggressive as you could cause additional cracking or bleeding if you get your skin too thin. Be gentle at first and perhaps do just a little each day until you get the desired results.

Another gentle alternative is the Barielle Total Foot Care Cream, this is a top customer rated cream that can be used twice daily. A great suggestion with this product is to apply the cream then place your plain 100% cotton socks in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and put them on and leave overnight.

If your feet simply need hydration, the Archipelago Botanicals Milk Foot Balm is a great selection. With milk solids, oat and soy protein, this product will provide adequate moisture if used morning and evening.

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The 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s here, it’s here! The 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

This year’s holiday gift guide is the perfect way to shop for you and your loved ones because each department is focused on providing you with a quick and easy way to navigate through our most giftable items storewide!

Find everything you need from hard to find Luxury Gifts, Beauty Tools & Accessories, Gifts for Him and Sets and Kits. So just what will you find? In our Luxury Gifts sections you will find some of our most coveted luxury brands as well as our e-gift certificates (available in denominations of up to $200USD), these are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Don’t forget to shop for dads, brothers, uncles, or that special someone in your life! And while you are at it, you just might want to see all of our newest sets and kits.

Get back to basics with Skin Care, Cosmetics, Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics, and Hair Care. If you are looking for the skin care treasures, we got them covered! Nothing hidden here, it’s just pure and simple *twinkle*. Here you will find pages of items that include sets, kits, stocking stuffers, and gifts that even teens love like all of the latest Philosophy.

From Fragrance, to Bath and Body, Gifts Under $35 and eGift Certificates, yes, we have it all right here.  If you are looking for a thoughtful gift, check out our fragrance department for the best of the best including Sean John, Kenneth Cole, Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein and many more! In addition, our Bath and Body department has all of your favorite bubbles, scrubbles –  from bath gels to your favorites Aromatherapy oils! On a budget? Don’t miss our gifts under $35, but hurry because they go quick!

Get your Limited Edition Gifts, Everything for the Home, Gifts for Mom and Baby, and last but not least, the Editior’s Favorites. Our Limited Edition Gifts sell out quickly so you will want to check out that section to get the most recent listing of our customer’s favorites. In our Home department you can find everything you need to make your house a home from candles, to wonderfully scented diffusers.  And who can forget about the expecting mother on your list? Ah, she can be so hard to shop for, but not at SkinStore…we have Mustela, Belli, LaVanila and of course Royal Hiney among many of our favorite mom and baby gift ideas.

Check out our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide and get your shop on! Happy Shopping from our family to yours!

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Nail Trends – The Exaggerated Flare Nails

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Once again an old nail trend has popped up in renewed discussion and this is one trend that you either “love it” or “hate it”. Flared nails are being spotted in all different colors and in varying degrees of flare. This trend is an acquired taste that many celebs are sporting all over town and even more beauty buffs adore!

As I was reading a popular beauty blog about this trend I got to thinking, how would I be able to work with these nails? What would it be like to use my smart phone is I were sporting that duck bill or duck feet shape nail? Is it for me? Well, the jury is still out for me personally, but one thing is for sure, I will never stop using nail polish as one of my most prized accessories!

For those of you that don’t know, we carry over a hundred nail polish colors at SkinStore! butter LONDON is all the rage with its fun and true colors. And SpaRitual has a cult following for its eco-friendly products and packaging as well as its focus on vegan ingredients.

My top picks? Right now I am loving The Giving Tree and Can You Dig It by SpaRitual because most of my winter clothing tends to be natural colors that are more muted. I also love, love, love Yummy Mummy and Lady Muck by butter LONDON when I am wearing more black or gray colors.

Do you have a favorite nail trend? How about a favorite nail color? Share with us here or on our facebook! We’d love to hear from you.

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Do you ever experience red, raised, dry, itchy, or irritated skin? Most adults and many children have probably experienced these conditions a few times in their lives. While some are more serious skin conditions, there are some very common minor culprits known as rashes. Take a look at just a few of the most common rashes to better identify your skin concerns with:

• Drug Rash- The most common type of rash is usually developed from an allergic reaction to medication. It can be from any type of medication including antibiotics, anti-seizure and diuretics. This type of rash usually appears within the 1st week after taking medication. You might initially see individual red spots that can spread throughout large areas of the body and can last for up to a few weeks even after ending the medication. There are cases where it can be serious and a physician should always be contacted in case of a drug rash.

• Heat Rash- Another common rash that’s usually not very serious, and can be resolved with proper self treatment. Heat rash occurs due to hot, humid weather, tight fitting or synthetic fabric clothing which interferes with the flow of sweat. Heat rash is sometimes called Prickly Heat, as it has a pins and needles sensation when inflamed. To avoid heat rash you should keep skin cool and dry, wear loose fitting cotton clothing.

• Diaper Rash- A form of inflamed skin which appears as a bright red pattern usually on a baby’s bottom. It usually occurs due to frequently wet or infrequently changed diapers. Other causes include diarrhea, improper ventilation, use of antibiotics, and even with change of diet. This type of rash can easily be treated at home usually with common over the counter diaper rash ointment.
• Swimmers Itch- This rash is usually from an allergic reaction to a waterborne parasite which burrows into the top layer of the skin. It appears as tiny bumps or blisters that can burn and itch. This rash can worsen with increased exposure to infected water and may even increase skin sensitivity. At home remedies such as calming lotions or baths may relieve symptoms and this condition usually resolves within a week.

With a better understanding of skin conditions you can be prepared to prevent skin ailments and combat the most common skin irritants! If you have a rash consult with your physician immediately for best treatment recommendations.

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Organic Skincare

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With all the fuss about different chemicals and their detriments, it’s no surprise that people want a natural alternative. You don’t have to look very far, because at SkinStore we offer a huge selection of organic skincare and products that meet high natural standards.

Say hello to Juice Beauty! The product line is authentically organic skincare at it best and is packed with antioxidants that total in organic content up to 95%. They are free of parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, Phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrances*. Under their own brand commandments they also meet the California Organic Products Act requiring 70% minimum organic content (excluding water). The line is backed by extensive clinical research to offer the best for your skin. They have a great selection of organic skincare products to choose from, so at SkinStore you can create a full regimen specific to your concerns.

Another great organic skincare line available at SkinStore is the Baborganic by BABOR. The products contain natural extracts of certified organic ingredients produced in compliance with strict organic standards. They contain plant-based emulsifiers, Ecocert-compliant raw materials.

These are both stellar brands who strive to go beyond expectations to bring you the very best options in organic skincare.

*See for their core truths.

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Feeling Peachy!

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Do you ever have days that you’re just feeling dull or down? We all do but there is a quick fix to solve your beauty blues… bright and peachy makeup! A little dab of this here and a dab of that there. Here are some saviors to any down days and ways to feel radiant.

They say the windows of the soul are the eyes. Why not give attention to those beauties and make them stand out. We want bright and glowing! Color that screams we feel alive and are full of sunshine. Peach Sherbet for lighter skin tones or Supernova for darker skin tones from the Jane Iredale eye shadow collection are great choices. For a more universal shade, I suggest Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten. Depending on how vibrant you want the color you can blend out until you reach your desired color.

The next step is to make those apples on the tops of the cheeks pop. A natural blushing is best created by peachy pink shades. To achieve that perfect color, I suggest colors such as Laughter from bareMinerals or Too Faced Full Bloom Cheek Ultra Flush Blush Who’s Your Poppy.

Lastly, all you need is a little bit of lush on the lips and you’ll look re-vamped in no time! You don’t really need much color but just a bit of a goldish-peach shimmer to make those lips come alive. You can try shades like Soft Peach PureGloss by Jane Iredale, Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot or even bareMinerals Bianca Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish.

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Detoxify Your Face

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During these warm summer months, vacations and travel time are a must! It’s easy to lose track of time and routine during these relaxing times and fall off the skincare regimen bandwagon.

Traveling in the heat on long road trips or flights can cause your skin to become stressed and dehydrated. A lack of oxygen will tire your skin and cause a decline in skin energy. There is help for your skin that doesn’t require more then one bottle. Here is a list of some detoxifying masks or treatments that you can use a few times a week and within only a few minutes to get back that pep your skin needs to remain radiant.

  • Dermelect Detoxifying Oxygen Facial Commission–  can be used as a cleanser to clean out the pores, dissolve makeup and other impurities or as deep cleansing, skin-soothing masque to provide a fresher, younger-looking face.
  • Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask- is a fast acting mask that only takes about 5 minutes to re-hydrate and rejuvenate damaged skin.
  • Dr. Brandt Detoxygen Experience– a quick two step system that works synergistically to detoxify, clarify and purify the skin.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Serum– Can be applied and left on the skin for a boost of oxygen and to soften fine lines or wrinkles

Don’t leave for your scheduled time away without one of these or you can be left looking less than 100% once you arrive at your getaway destination!

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It’s Prime Time

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These days most of us are looking for easy to use products that are affordable and effective. We often look to products that provide a multitude of different benefits, too. There is a thin line between skin care and cosmetics but there are mergers between the two. A very important step in any daytime regimen which comes before any cosmetic application is a good primer. You can save yourself some time by looking for a primer that offers added anti-aging benefits. There are all kinds of different ones to choose from but here are some of our favorite primers to add into your beauty regimen.

  • Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer: Contains Hydroxyproline and Lactobacillus which can leave skin looking smooth without an oily appearance. This product also contains Willow Herb, a unique anti-irritant, and Jojoba Leaf, a strong and effective antioxidant.
  • Fusion Beauty Prime Results Anti-Wrinkle Primer: Contains Matrixyl 3000™ to help improve the appearance of skin elasticity and tone, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract which can visibly reduces the appearance of adult pores, peptides to help improve skin firmness and Hyaluronic which helps to immediately plump fine lines or wrinkles.
  • Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Primer: Containing six different peptides & neuropeptides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Vitamin A to improve skin tone and texture.

So before you just throw on any old primer before your foundation, make sure to use one that benefits your skin, too!

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A Combination Skin Hero!

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For skin types that usually deal with clogged pores, excessive oils, rough or uneven skin texture and tone, there is a  product that may become a your saving grace.

From a brand which needs no introduction, SkinCeuticals has re-vamped a few classic products that have come back with a powerful impact. SkinCeuticals BioMedic LHA Serum, formulated with glycolic, salicylic, & LHA complex is the newest in latest&greatest technology.

Glycolic acid can accelerate your natural cell renewal process to assist with improvement of skin tone & texture. Salicylic acid can help to unclog pores, remove dirt, oil or other debris that can lead to breakouts. LHA can provide a more precise exfoliation.

Evaluate Your Tools

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To get a flawless application of cosmetics it is very important to have the clean and proper tools necessary. If any of your makeup brushes look frayed, worn down or broken it’s time to replace them. It is easier to replace brushes in multiples since they come at a better value than when purchased individually. If your tools are damaged in any way, it will affect the application techniques and the final look. Get the brush essentials needed by picking up a simple brush set like Bare Minerals Jet Set Mini Brush Collection or the Stila Brush Set.

Do you have a favorite makeup brush brand?! Share with us in the comments below!

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