Not Your Grandmothers Makeup Sponge!

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YC021-beautyblender-original-and-mini-blendercleanser-solidI’ve been obsessed with Beautyblenders recently. I know I’m a little late to the game, but the first time I tried one I used it incorrectly, which led me to think that it wasn’t anything special.  Boy was I wrong! This egg-shaped sponge gives my foundation a beautiful airbrushed look. I’ve always been one to use my hands instead of a brush to prevent brush strokes and uneven coverage.  The key is dampening the Beautyblender, and this was the part I skipped when first trying this unique makeup applicator. The dampness allows the sponge to be full so the makeup sits on the surface instead of absorbing into it.

Makeup artists usually keep a cup of water next to them to keep their Beautyblenders moist throughout application. When wet, this sponge doubles in size and becomes even softer. When using your Beautyblender, wet it thoroughly, but squeeze out any excess water. This sponge is amazing at reaching the contours of the face, leaving your makeup looking natural and with no visible streaks. It works really well at blending concealer too and gives you the option of building the coverage of your foundation.  If you notice that your Beautyblender has some stubborn stains, it’s recommended to soak it overnight in a mixture of water and cleanser. If you’ re using your sponge daily, Beautyblender recommends that you replace it every three months because the older it is the more likely it is to tear. Once you are done with your Beautyblender repurpose it for ombre nail art!

Shaveworks The Cool Fix: Banish Shaving & Waxing Woes

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Summer will be here before you know it, which if you’re like us, means you’ll be showing some skin poolside. Gone are the days of hiding fuzzy legs under winter layers! Whether you’re a wax fanatic or addicted to your razor, hair removal can be not-so-fun for sensitive skin. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect product to soothe irritated skin and prevent pesky bumps.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix is a lightweight gel that quenches fiery skin post-shave while targeting ingrownAN119-coolfix hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and redness. The secret is in a combination of gentle exfoliating and hydrating ingredients designed to soothe irritated skin. A three-acid complex of glycolic, salicylic, and phytic acids helps dissolve dead skin cells, frees trapped hairs, kills bacteria, and brightens the skin.  Boerhavia Root Extract, a natural anti-inflammatory, provides instant cooling relief and reduces redness.

Unlike many post-shave products, The Cool Fix spreads easily and dries in a flash, making it perfect for legs, underarms, and the bikini area! And even though it was made with women in mind, it’s also great for guys who struggle with skin sensitivity post-shave. Don’t be surprised if you find your boyfriend slathering on this stuff! For best results, gently exfoliate with a washcloth and warm water before waxing or shaving to soften the skin. Apply Shaveworks The Cool Fix to dry skin immediately after hair removal and continue applying day and night to prevent ingrown hairs.

Need a Good Scrub Down?

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I’m a big fan of using body scrubs, sometimes even on a daily basis. Since I use buildable tanning products, I need a scrub that will slough away dull, dead skin. Even when I am not using my tanning products, I love how my skin feels extra smooth and silky after using a scrub. We all know that facial exfoliation is a big part of our skin care routine, but body exfoliation can be just as important. An effective scrub detoxifies, stimulates blood circulation, and even helps drain lymph nodes. When using a scrub, make sure you are massaging the product upwards and really concentrating on the areas where the skin seems to be tougher. I really work the areas like my feet, knees and elbows. When looking for a body scrub, choose one that is abrasive enough to achieve exfoliation, but not so much that it can damage the skin.

GK013-soap-and-glory-sugar-crush-body-scrubOne of my daily body scrubs is Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. It’s a blend of mashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil, and macadamia grains. This scrub leaves my body revitalized and my skin glowing. I follow it with my body moisturizer since the dead skin cells have been removed allowing for easy absorption.

The Nuxe Fondant Gentle Body Scrub is another one of my favorites. It’s a creamy scrub that contains different size grains to achieve a gentle but effective exfoliation treatment. My legs can be very sensitive from shaving and the almond and orange flower petals soothe my skin, helping to calm any irritation. The product is paraben-free and the ingredients are from natural sources. This is the one I use when I want something more on the gentle side, but that will still give me healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Always remember when using a body scrub to avoid applying a lot of pressure; the granules are there to provide the right amount of exfoliating. The benefits of using a scrub on the body are immediate and will leave you wondering why you hadn’t been using one all along. Summer is almost here and because more skin will be showing, we want to make sure it is always looking its best!

Esti Find: Farmhouse Fresh Nectar Powder Milk Bath

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FH009-farmhouse-fresh-nectar-powder-milk-bathMoisturizing, nourishing and natural properties make this one of my favorite milk bath formulas available today. Farmhouse Fresh Nectar Powder Milk bath has a delicate, clean smell, and is a very fine powder you can add into any bath for a soothing, calming experience.

Formulated with chicory root, over twenty essential amino acids, lactic acid and vitamins, this bath powder helps to calm upset skin, reduce any swelling and inflammation and also helps to improve the skin’s texture.

Because it’s formulated without using any parabens, sulfates, or mineral oils, this powder is safe to use even on the most delicate skin. I started using this product because my skin gets very irritated with the winter-to-spring seasonal change—I become very dry and sometimes itchy. Using this powder has helped to keep my skin calm, soft and free from irritation.

Estie tips: Eyeliner Tricks

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JI442-mystikol-darktopazI love eyeliner—I don’t feel like I look awake without it. Some women have trouble applying it so they avoid it altogether, but hopefully these tricks will help you learn to make your eyes your most noticeable feature. Pencil liner is the easiest to use and the best to start with if you are new to applying eyeliner.

If achieving the perfect line is too challenging, draw a rough line as close to the lash line as possible and use a Q-tip with a water-based makeup remover to clean up mistakes. Creating dots along the lash line, then connecting them is an easy way to create a guide for your liner if you have trouble creating a straight line.

If you want fuller-looking lashes at the base and feel like applying liner to the lids closes off your eyes, tight lining or applying liner under your lash line will create a natural look.

If a cat eye is the look you’re going for, use a business card as a guide to create the perfect flick (some women also use scotch tape). A lot of makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts recommend using a white liner along the lower rim of the eye, but I feel that makes you look almost sickly, so I instead go for a skin-toned liner that will still open up my eyes while making them look brighter and more natural.

If you have monolids, use a gel liner to line almost your whole lid so when your eyes are open your liner will be the perfect size. If your liner is too dry or tugs your eye area, rub it between your hands for a minute, or use a lighter to warm it up (just don’t place the liner directly into the flame). For a quick, easy liner application, put the liner on your eyelash curler then curl lashes, this also helps the lashes hold a curl. If all else fails, primer and concealer work well at fixing mistakes or smudges.

New from Beautyblender!

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If you love the flawless look that you get from applying foundation with your Beautyblender, you can now apply your cream blush with one too. This new Beauty Blusher is a medium-sized sponge will help you use less product and get an amazing application. Simply wet the sponge, wring out the excess, apply product to the sponge, bounce over the apples of your cheeks, and voila! You have a flush of color that enhances your gorgeous complexion.

Speaking of the original Beautyblender, Red Carpet is the latest must-have limited-edition shade.  Make every day a special occasion with this sponge.  You can glam yourself up like the pros for an award-winning event or just look stunning for a hot date. Your favorite face- finishing tool just got a little bit of sass!

beautyblenderThought Beautyblender couldn’t get any cooler?  They just did, with the introduction of the Liner Design. This triple-edged eyeliner tool comes with a compact and a 5x magnifying mirror to help your create the perfect line that will stay in place after it’s applied. Go from a cat eye to a smoky eye with ease.  You can design and create your best look yet!

Shape your Summer Body with CelluliteRx® LipoTherm

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ID003-celluliterx-lipolift-firming-lotionWith temperatures rising and summer fast approaching, many women are looking to beat the heat. Whether you break out a bikini for lounging poolside or rock stylish shorts for a seasonal soiree, you can look and feel your best with all-natural CelluliteRx® LipoTherm Contour Cream!

Upon application you can see and feel LipoTherm Contour Cream in action. The rosy flush and warmth that result are due to the active ingredient niacin, which dramatically increases circulation. Increased circulation reduces the appearance of cellulite by flushing away toxins that weaken your skin’s collagen matrix.

Aside from poor circulation, the formation of cellulite is also caused by the hormone estrogen. Estrogen can contribute to swelling of fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. LipoTherm Contour Cream formulated with Regu-Slim ®, a natural complex of guarana seed extract, caffeine, and carnitine help stimulate fat-burning while wild yam extract helps to smooth out hormonal imbalances.

The LipoTherm Contour Cream and the full line of all-natural CelluliteRx® products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Choosing to care for your body with products that are healthy for your skin and the environment has never been easier!


My Favorite Multi-Functional Products

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YD024-skin-authority-daily-defense-moisturizer-spf-30When taking preventative measures with my skin care, I’m very diligent, but let’s face it; there are only so many hours in the day. So I love multi-tasking products that save time as well as money. Since I never leave the house without sunscreen, I look for moisturizers that contain SPF and skin-nourishing ingredients. Most mornings leave precious little time for pampering, so finding a product I like that takes the place of two leaves me overjoyed.

A few months back, SkinStore had a visit from the Skin Authority brand. Their product presentation went into great detail about the products that they carry. I went from not being very familiar with this line to being extremely impressed with what they have to offer.

I decided to try their Skin Authority Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 30, and I have to say this little gem has found a home in my skin care regimen. This moisturizer with SPF is very lightweight, which is extremely important to me when looking for a hydrating/protective product. Even though I wear it under makeup all day, my skin still feels like it can breathe.  This moisturizer offers both UVA and UVB protection and can be used on all skin types.

Another multi-tasking product that I treasure is Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. This product doesn’t just make my skin look amazing as a cosmetic; it gives me SPF protection and hydration benefits as well! This BB cream offers the perfect amount of coverage but gives me that no- makeup look that I strive for. Facial make-up is increasingly becoming more than just cosmetics, and many products offer ingredients to address skin care concerns as well. With a little streamlining to your skin care routine, you can become a lot more consistent when it comes to using your preventative products on a daily basis.


More Than Just SPF!

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TP064-topix-replenix-sheer-physical-sunscreen-cream-spf-50Our skin needs UV protection, now more than ever. We’re constantly exposed to UV light—even indoors—due to computers, smartphones, and lights in offices and stores. Even if we’re not out in the sun, we still need to shield our skin from potential danger. And now with higher SPF products that do more than just one thing, it’s even easier. Here’s some of our faves:

Topix Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 is an amazing treatment sunscreen. It’s chock full of antioxidant protection and contains Emblica fruit extract, which helps smooth your skin’s texture. The creamy formula is also hydrating, so just by putting on your sun protection, you get smoother, softer skin. We also love what’s not in it: artificial fragrance, oil and parabens. This weightless formula dries translucent with no unsightly white cast. Yes, please!

We often hear from people with oily skin that they are just not fans of SPF. They don’t like the heavy, greasy feel. We think you might change your mind with this one. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 provides 3-in-1 benefits.  It will set makeup, control oil and provide antioxidant-rich sun armor. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up during the day, and it also comes in a purse size which is ideal for re-application.

Summer means we will just naturally be in the sun more often. For some of us that means hyperpigmentation surfacing. La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Daily Tone Correcting Primer is a tinted primer with their trademark CELL-OX Shield technology which has sun filters and antioxidants. But it also conceals a myriad of skin conditions such as redness, acne marks and scarring, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and even melasma! All while creating a smooth foundation for makeup. This must-have is also suitable for sensitive skin. How can it get any better?



Want Glowing Skin?

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BK108-b-kamins-bamboo-and-rice-facial-polisherWhen it comes to exfoliation, there are physical and chemical exfoliators.  Although I am a fan of chemical exfoliation, a great facial scrub is something I am not willing to part with. Physical exfoliators contains little beads or bits of a substance such as walnut shells to physically scrub the skin. The thing I really love about this kind of exfoliation is the instant gratification. It gives my skin an immediate glow and it’s very smooth to the touch. The massaging of the product promotes improved circulation, which then in turn makes my skin come to life. When looking for a physical scrub, gentle is always the key. You never want to use anything that can cause irritation and inflammation. Always remember there is no need to apply very much pressure because the scrub does all the work!

One of my favorite facial scrubs is the PCA SKIN Gentle Exfoliant. This cleansing scrub contains beads that smooth and polish the skin without irritating it. If you have sensitive skin, this product will give you the desired results without your skin reacting in a negative way. With this product a little goes a long way, which translates to a great bang for your buck. Many dermatologists recommend this scrub, knowing that it is gentle yet effective for their patients who all bring different skin issues to their offices.

B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher is the product that I use when my skin is congested. This gentle polisher is designed for acneic, sun-damaged, and thickened skin. This is not for sensitive types.  After using this product, I did notice that it reduced my pore size significantly. Overall, this product did what it claimed and gave me a healthier complexion by evening out my skin tone and smoothing out the texture. When I feel a breakout coming on, I use this product three times a week because it helps get rid of excess sebum. I really like the fact that it helps me combat the acne without drying my skin and actually moisturizes it. Facial scrubs are effective for so many reasons: ance/congestion, uneven skin tone, and they even help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.  I think everyone could use a facial scrub, but finding that one that suits your skin is the first important step toward getting the results you are trying to achieve.

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